Maison Beauvallon, France

La primera vista de esta casa de vacaciones en Beauvallon es una pared de corcho que separa el sitio en dos con una diagonal Norte-Sur para crear un jardín a lo largo de la calle de la entrada y otro jardín protegido del viento y de los sonidos de la calle hacia el valle. Desde el punto más alto del sitio se puede ver el Mediterráneo. Disfrutar de estas vistas desde el salón y desde la piscina era un importante pedido del cliente. Los materiales empleados son: hormigón, vidrio, aluminio y acero.

The first glimpse at this house is a wall of cork which separates the site in two from a North-South diagonal creating a garden along the street for the entrance and a garden on the side of the valley protected from wind and from the sounds of the street.

In Beauvallon, the slopes are planning to protect both the sights and the period of sunshine. Actually, houses are arranged in staggered rows leading a way of sight towards mid-day.

Three metres above the highest point on the site, the Mediterranean See is in front of us. In fact, seeing the sea from the lounge and the swimming pool was an important request of the client in the program of this house.
Thus, at this height, in a forest of oaks and strawberry trees, we dispose the lounge facing the view. And from the lounge we reach the swimming pool which is struggled between two walls of cork.
Under the lounge, the natural slope of the site was kept in order to hold the next part of the program: five rooms with individual bathrooms and a kitchen-dining room.
Rooms are consuming more than the half of the living surface. They are melted in the natural and built landscape, this way all the bedrooms are crossed and passed through.

The continuation is quite simple: concrete, glass, aluminium and rough steel were the only ones materials used in this house.
Concrete is used for the structure and floors, walls were confined in wooden boards and floors were polished. Doors and cupboards were made of wood then steel and glass were used for the facades between structure elements.

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