Ecomplexx Office in Wels, Austria

Un loft industrial alquilado de 575 m² detrás de la fachada de ladrillo de una antigua fábrica de sombreros del siglo pasado ofrece las condiciones ideales, con su estructura abierta, para el desarrollo de nuevas ideas. Los términos y conceptos de la red de ECOM, por ejemplo, "Plug in" o "Backbone" juegan un papel importante en la futura arquitectura de la compañía para soportar y desarrollar su propia identidad.

The web service provider Ecomplexx has been growing continuously since its foundation ten years ago, and in 2008 decided to grow even further and therefore to move to a different location. The company offers a wide range of internet services to its customers. The key to its success is intensive networking of its own projects as well as of neighbouring companies.

The rented 575 m² industrial loft behind the brick façade of a former hat factory from the last century offers ideal conditions with its open structure for the development of new ideas. The building structure of the loft is listed.

Terms and concepts from Ecom’s network, e.g. “Plug in“ or “Backbone“ are to play an important role in the company’s future architecture to support and develop its own identity. No changes have been made along the attractive windows to retain the impressive generosity of the “loft feeling”. The corridor and operating space runs along a façade which is suffused with light. The concept of the central “Backbone“ tries to focus all changes on this connecting core area which has the potential for a lot of different uses. Many workstations are connected to the “Backbone“, which creates an open and communicative office structure.

The entire expanse of the loft’s historic window façade can now come fully into effect while the multifunctional Backbone offers all the essentials, e.g. stacking, archive, coat room, features for relaxation like seating areas, the bar as well as the entire technical installation. The Backbone was built in the form of serial shelf-like furniture, as a mega structure of untreated chipboard to comply with the extremely low budget. Special material has been used for individual shelves to ensure pleasant acoustics, and soft seating areas have been built as well as lounge-like meeting areas surrounded by soft curtains. Glass walls are completing noise protection. The detached Box (Sanitary Rooms, Reception, Kitchen, Meetingspace) is coated with dark paint and is used like a huge blackboard for making notes.

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The 38 workstations form an innovative and communicative office structure with a good social atmosphere for a low cost. The dialogue between the historic material and the new additions using lightweight design and considering the geographical separations, combine the demands of monumental protection with the demands of modern rooms for innovative companies.

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