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ArkiPARC 2008

"Dialogue for the Urban Quality" Giants of Propety, Architecture And Construction Sectors. Are Meeting For Urban Quality. For the first time in Turkey, the three actors of urbanization, property, architecture and construction industries are coming together in ArkiPARC'08 (Property - ARchitecture - Construction). Focusing on "diologue for the urban quality", Arkitera Architecture Center aims to start a new platform with the ArkiPARC project, which will be held in Istanbul between the dates 15-17th October 2008, that enables the communication and exchange of knowledge among these three industries.

arki.jpgIn view of the rapidly increasing population in the cities, only a few professional sectors take responsibilities of urbanization: the developers, local authorities, construction materials producers and suppliers, contractors, architects, urban planners, academics and consultants. There is nothing more important than the communication among these key actors, for the achivement of a better built environment. In this regard, meetings like ArkiPARC, that could bring all the actors together, play a serious role for dealing with the problems and the solutions, additionally for claiming the motivation of «achiving the better».

«Dialogue for the Urban Quality» is the keynote of the first ArkiPARC, which will be held by Arkitera Architecture Center in Istanbul between the dates 15-17th October 2008 chosen to imply the quality and the communication.

Supported by the awards, international lectures, panels and many more activities, as an original network platform, ArkiPARC’08’s objective is to establish new relationships among different industries and to exchange ideas and experiences.

The structure of ArkiPARC was established by ArkiPARC Advisiory Board, collaborating with the leading figures of property, architecture and construction industries. The main panel topics were shaped in urban, building and product scales. Within these scales, debates on urbanization, tourism, shopping centers and housing will be discussed in detail.

ArkiPARC’08 will be held by Arkitera Architecture Center for 3 days, in more than 15 different lounges, situated in the most central district Nisantasi. The participants will be updated about the innovations in architecture, property and construction industries in addition to develop new relationships. They will become familiar with the current debates on urbanization and building both in local and global scale and share their new projects with the right kind of audience.

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About Arkitera Architecture Center
Arkitera Architecture Center is an independent architecture center that has been dedicated to sustain a better architectural practice, enhance the architectural culture and to raise the architectural quality in Turkey. All the activities and events of the center are planned with regard to the needs and capacities of the architecture setting in Turkey. Arkitera Architecture Center, started his first web publication, on 9 October 2000 after a several months of preparatory work. Following that, other publications and events were also initiated.

Having supported several activities since the time it was founded, the center has collabarated with several firms, institutions and universities and has assigned the role of being a platform to discuss the problems of the built environment and the city. All the events and activities held are realized with the colloboration of various institutions and the sponsorship of several firms. Arkitera was awarded with the «Contribution to the Architectural Education» prize by the Turkish Free Lance Architects Association (Turkiye Serbest Mimarlar Dernegi) in 2004.

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