«An Alien for Mediaxis» in Schlieren, Switzerland

El proyecto consistía en convertir una vieja fábrica, próxima a la estación de tren Schlieren en Suiza, en una agencia de medios de comunicación para la empresa Mediaxis mpg (www.mediaxis.ch). Para el cliente, la atmósfera de la estación era como una metáfora de su laboratorio de alta tecnología de los medios de comunicación, y las vías los canales de información que llevan al siguiente paso de Internet. Así hemos creado una estación espacial en la que ya se cumplen las técnicas del futuro.

The alien
14.jpgThe project was to convert an old factory next to the train station in schlieren Switzerland, into a new high tech media agency for mediaxis mpg (www.mediaxis.ch). Peter loved the atmosphere of the station as a metaphor of his high tech media lab, seeing the rails like channels of information, taking you to a next step of the internet. So we created a space station where you already meet the techniques of the future.
As the entrance we built a huge alien of concrete. The face was actually tracing the old façade of the building; two old windows serve as the alien eyes.
The alien stands for an icon you can refer to and get to liking it. In architectural terms, it gave the old building a modern, cubistic façade, which now is stronger than the old factory shape.

The logo aiming at space
to pursue the alien message we painted the logo on the roof for other aliens or just in case Google takes new photos from space for the Google map.


High tech and anarchy
We created the high tech media lab with all the latest technologies in a very rigid old factory space. We cut a huge slab out of the concrete ceiling to get a high entrance hall with the meeting room on its gallery. The act of cutting the concrete and let it be visible stands for the ancient times of physical presence, which we call anarchy. Around the upper part of this space we set a very fine and precise light façade, actually a light space, floating above and in between all this old concrete.
This inner light façade represents precision and gives the whole space station a warm atmosphere.
As the architecture budget was fixed (luckily not too tight) we focused on where and how to intervene. We sanded all the old concrete surfaces and just put the light façade in front of the old façade. The floors are made of asphalt to give it an urban feeling and the light façade are made of scobalit.

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