Civic Center – Villa Minozzo

The architectural design is a winning competition entry for the conversion of a disused cinema into a civic and cultural centre including a multi-functional hall (auditorium, conference and meeting room), local band and chorus study rooms, music school and other services.

The building is located in a position set back from the main square of Villa Minozzo, in a decayed urban area that requires improvement. Apart from this drawback, it is strategically positioned within the locality with a good view onto the high surrounding hills.
The architectural design seeks to exploit the site to its full potential while counteracting its more negative features, transforming the building into a clear point of reference for the social life of the neighbourhood on the one hand and into an attractive visual landmark in the valley on the other.

What was previously the cinema auditorium will be transformed into a highly flexible multi-functional hall. It will have seating for up to 200 people but with the appropriate layout and facilities for it to be used for exhibitions, celebrations, meetings, etc.

The crux of the design is to completely open out the hall by the replacement of its west wall with a transparent matt surface giving the whole visual continuity with its landscape setting.
The essential purpose is to make a featureless space into a bright, evocative and attractive one.
The design also incorporates a small expansion to be introduced at a later date – a low «stretched» volume on the north side which will be well integrated with the main building. It will include the Centre’s main entrance, providing a connection between the entrance square and a sloping grassy area to be used for open air concerts.
The whole building is designed as an uncluttered structure, easily recognized from its surroundings.
The façades are made out of concrete, pigmented with the introduction of local stone and with different surface treatments.

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