Autor: Enota

Constant changes and new complex situations in the world around us drive us to think about new ways of architectural and urban organizations. In order to be able to produce answers to those new questions we believe it’s time to surpass the boundaries of conventional discipline set mainly by our cultural backgrounds. Enota’s team of architects focuses on research driven design of the environment where study of contemporary social organizations and use of new technologies are interwoven to produce innovative and effective solutions. Enota’s solutions are strongly influenced by research, reinterpretation and development of social, organizational and design algorithms that derive from nature. The result is always a strong binding of the buildings with the environment that surrounds them.

Enota was founded in 1998 with the ambition to create contemporary and critical architectural practice of an open type based on collective approach to development of architectural and urban solutions. Over the years Enota has been constantly developing and from its beginnings it has served as creative platform for more than fifty architects. Enota is led by founding partners and principal architects Dean Lah and Milan Tomac.

Enota’s projects vary from interior design, residential and office buildings to leisure and sports facilities: Stambolžioski Dental Studio (2011), Podčetrtek Sports Hall (2010), Wellness Orhidelia (2009), Gruškovje Border Shop (2009), Ilirska Apartments (2008), Terme Tuhelj Spa Resort (2007), Jurčkova Housing (2007), Hotel Sotelia (2006), Wellness Centre Termalija (2004), NKBM Bank Branch (2002), Kraški zidar Headquarters (2002, with A. Dekleva). For their work Enota received several national and international architecture awards. Their work has been presented on numerous exhibitions and published in professional and broad interest publications all over the world. Enota’s principals lecture at architectural schools, conferences and symposiums in Slovenia and abroad.


Maestoso Hotel & SPA

The area of Stud Farm Lipica is one of the most remarkable natural and cultural monuments in Slovenia. The stud farm was founded in 1580 when a decision was made at the Habsburg court to raise horses, a key strategic commodity of the time, in their own territory.

Promenada, in Velenje

The Velenje "Promenada" is an important city space and a vital city thoroughfare. It is one of the central axes of the centre of Velenje, a young town designed in the 1950s, based on the Modernist ideal of the garden city; as such, it is unique in the Slovene space.

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