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ecoLogicStudio is an architectural and urban design practice dedicated to bio-digital design for the definition of a new “ecology” of space and behavior. Founded in London in 2005 by Claudia Pasquero and Marco Poletto, the office has earned an international reputation for its innovative work on “systemic” design –,a method defined by the combination and integration of systemic thinking, computational design, biotechnology and prototyping.

This “broadened” approach to design – from the micro to the macro – is embedded into an experimental practice, where projects and installations become interactive laboratories.

Completed projects include a public library, private houses, a large eco-roof, and large scale masterplans. ecoLogicStudio has developed prototypes and installations for major architectural biennales. The project “metaFOLLY” is part of the celebrated permanent collection at the FRAC Center in Orleans, while HORTUS was recently purchased by the ZKM in Karlsruhe, and won the prestigious Idea Tops Award for best digital architecture. The work of ecoLogicStudio has been featured in many international architectural books, including “New Arcadians: emerging UK Architects” by Lucy Bullivant and has received media coverage by CNN, BBC, Wallpaper*, Domus, Blueprint, Evening Standard, Metropolis Magazine and Wired, where ecoLogicStudio was ranked among the 10 most interesting global emerging practices of 2014.

The work of ecoLogicStudio has taken part in numerous international exhibitions and venues, among others: Milan EXPO 2015, Astana EXPO 2017, Centre Pompidou, Mori Art Museum, Tallinn Architecture Biennale, MAK Museum and many more.

Claudia Pasquero

Claudia Pasquero is an architect, urban designer and ecologist.

Her work and research operate at the intersection of biology computation and urban design. She is Co-founder and Director of ecoLogicStudio, Director of the Urban Morphogenesis Lab at The Bartlett UCL in London, Landscape Architecture Professor and Director of the Synthetic Landscape Lab at Innsbruck University

After graduating from Turin Polytechnic in Italy, Claudia worked as an on-site architect during phase three ofthe RPBW Lingotto project in Turin, and on a research project for the set-up of an Urban Air Quality Lab withTurin Polytechnic and EnvironmentalPark. Claudia moved to London in 2001 to study at the ArchitecturalAssociation. She worked with Chora, Ushida Findlay Architects and Erick Van Egeraat Architects before co-founding ecoLogicStudio with Marco Poletto in 2005. Claudia has been unit Master at the Architectural Association in London, Visiting Professor at Cornel University as well as Senior Staff at IAAC in Barcelona, upon others.

She is co-author of“SystemicArchitecture. Operatingmanual for the self-organizing city”, published by Routledge in 2012.

Claudia has recently completeda practicebased PhD title ‘Polycephalum: The Aesthetic as a measure of ecological intelligence in architecture and urban design’ with the Estonian Academy of Arts as part of the RMITEurope programme.

Marco Poletto

Marco Poletto is an architect, educator and innovator based in London.

He is co-founder and Director of the architectural practice ecoLogicStudio and the design innovation venture PhotoSynthetica, focused on developing architectural solutions to fight Climate Change.

In the past 10 years ecoLogicStudio has designed and built several living installations and architectures, demonstrating how microorganisms such as algae can become part of the bio-city of the future.

Marco holds a PhD Degree from RMIT University, Melbourne.

His thesis on the “Urbansphere” argues that the increased spatial integration of non-human systems within architecture is crucial to evolve higher forms of urban ecological intelligence.

He is also co-author of “Systemic Architecture” a book published by Routledge in 2012.

Marco has been Unit Master at the Architectural Association in London, Visiting critic at Cornell University and Research Cluster leader at The Bartlett, UCL.

He currently Lectures at the University of Innsbruck and the IAAC in Barcelona.

Marco’s work has been exhibited internationally, more recently in Paris (Centre Pompidou, 2019), Tokyo (Mori Gallery, 2019), Vienna (MAK, 2019), Karlsruhe (ZKM, 2019) and Astana (EXPO 2017).



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