Vrunčeva Residential Building, in Celje

El complejo residencial  Vrunčeva introduce una nueva tipología de viviendas en esta ciudad de Eslovenia. La modificación respecto a lo establecido por la normativa de zonificación es el resultado de la búsqueda de una respuesta a los problemas espaciales del lugar para garantizar una alta calidad, una excelente flexibilidad y la eficiencia energética. El edificio está concebido como una especie de híbrido entre los clásicos bloques de viviendas y los desarrollos de los suburbios con espacios más abiertos.

Residential complex Vrunčeva introduces a new typology of the city block unit. The modification of the block unit as laid out by the zoning legislation is the result of finding a direct answer to the spatial challenges of the site and ensuring high-quality habitation combined with excellent flexibility and energy efficiency for the building. The building is designed as a kind of hybrid of the classical block unit development and terraced structures characteristic of more open, suburban spaces.

On the ground floor, the building is clearly defined and follows the prospective line of city development. There it hosts the public programme, which is directly accessible along the entire perimeter of the building and opens onto the surrounding streets. The terraced coiling structure envelops the raised inner court intended for semi-public content. The court is organised with another floor and functions as a common park surface for the residents. The difference in the characters of this semi-public space and that facing the streets is reflected also in the use of materials. The street-side facade is slightly stricter, made of more subdued materials and clearly structured, while the inner facade is softer, warmer, and animated. Due to its distinctive cuboid design, the appearance of the building changes dramatically with different views, each time adapting to the surrounding structure. By the intersection, where the building is at its tallest, it references the built masses of the neighbouring high-rises, while at the back, where it is lower, it establishes a relation with the similarly lower developments nearby.

The apartments on the upper floors are designed as an adaptable modular system of small and mid-sized residential units, which may be freely joined into larger apartments both horizontally and vertically. Due their innovative volumetric design, most apartments have large planted terraces, while all of them feature covered recessed balconies facing the quiet central court. All apartments have double orientation and offer long open views and good natural lighting and ventilation.

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