Graphisoft park conference centre, Budapest

The building creates a symbolic and contemporary image, appropriate for the view of Graphisoft Park from the Danube. It generates flexible and valuable interior and exterior spaces, necessary for an institutional building, and can accommodate the organization of diverse events. The building contemplates simultaneous uses and diverse programmatic functions and scales. The materials employed create the right environment for the interaction between nature and technology.
The building rises as a reference point and transmits transparency, solidity and the capacity to accommodate multiple uses, attributes required of a Contemporary Conference Center.

The building is located on the existing structure, in a harmonic and simple manner and creates a direct relationship between Graphisoft Park’s buildings, the public walkway and the river. Its location responds to visual planes in the site in such a way that avoids visual obstructions to and from the Danube.
The notion of public space was maintained and reinforced with the use of a public circulation esplanade, which we believe, will be of great value and importance. The building’s presence does not interfere with the linear path along the riverfront; it reinforces it and creates a space of particular value.

The open plaza creates the ideal environment for diverse outdoor events. It is an expansion space, for contemplation and access to the different programmatic areas of the building. It is the public space that an institutional building deserves and serves as cultural and symbolic reference of public space. It creates a transition between the existing structure and the Conference Center. The Table is also the Dinning Hall’s expansion or the multi-use space at the lower level. It is transformed from interior to exterior. The materials on the inside and the outside are the same.

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The kitchen and services areas represent permanent activity. They have the capability to change and be reconfigured for different uses of the lower level: dinning hall or an area for multiple exhibitions with the possibility to expand towards and a direct link to the Open Plaza.

The enclosed kitchen creates a sense of protection in which functions change and its container is transformed into an abstract object. Conferences and small gatherings can take place with the wooden wall as a background.

The Conference Center is located in the upper level. The multiple use room is accessed through an exterior semi-covered ramp and can function simultaneously with the cafeteria. It is from there that the best views of the Danube, its coasts and the island can be observed. From there nature can be contemplated, resulting in an intimate dialog between nature and technology through the reflection of frosted glass and transparent panes strategically located. The possibility to darken the building gives it a dynamic and flexible character without renouncing the desired roof lighting.
There is a direct link with the lower level through an interior stair which connects the service area and the dinning hall or exhibition space. Thus, the buildings’ two levels can be used together or independently without altering the functionality of the parts.

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