22nd Biennial of Industrial Design, Ljubljana

Call for entries for the 22nd Biennial of Industrial Design 7 October - 7 November 2010 Architecture museum of Ljubljana Period for Entry Submissions: 1 February-12 April 2010


On 7 October 2010 the Architecture Museum of Ljubljana will open the 22nd Biennial of Industrial Design (BIO 22). BIO is a comprehensive international exhibition that highlights current trends in contemporary design through its selection of well-designed products with an emphasis on quality, originality and innovation.

The selection of the best design achievements of the past two years will be presented at BIO 22 in three groups: A. Products, B. Product graphics and information design, and C. Concepts. This year we placed greater emphasis on the content of the entry groups, and we have established basic and preferred criteria that should be met by the works selected for BIO 22.

In addition, we have highlighted information design in the Rules for Participation in the BIO 22 (with the entries in group B). The information design is not new for BIO and has always been important, but it was often overshadowed by the great number of individual graphic design exhibits. This is one of the broadest areas of visual communications, and it is becoming an increasingly important area of design because of its clear orientation to users and their needs in modern society. It translates complex data into a simple, clear, and transparent visual language. In order to present this rather insufficiently covered area of design in Slovenia to professionals and the general public, in cooperation with Petra Černe Oven and the Pekinpah association we have prepared a lecture series titled On Information Design and various accompanying events at BIO 22 at which internationally recognized experts in this area will speak about selection, visualization, interpretation and communication of data.

BIO 22 will direct special attention to an exhibition with powerful content and an educational concept that clearly presents the advantages and characteristics of design achievements on display to visitors.

The BIO exhibitions are distinguished by the careful selection of works by prominent international experts – the selection committee and jury. The BIO Secretariat, which is the organizer of the Biennial, issues a call for submissions for the exhibition, and the Selection Committee, comprised of experts in various areas of design, specially appointed for each Biennial by the BIO Secretariat, chooses the works that will be exhibited.

After the strict selection of all works entered, the works that are chosen and displayed are examined by a prestigious international jury, which awards the highest prizes in design: the BIO Gold Medals, the BIO Quality Concept Awards, the BIO Honorable Mentions, and a BIO Award for a Student Work. The biennial award-winners are announced on the evening of the opening ceremony of the exhibition, which is attended by around one thousand guests from Slovenia and abroad. The BIO awards are conferred by the chairman of the international jury and the most prominent members of the Slovenian political and business worlds.

The event is a cultural occasion directly connected with industry, business, design, innovation, education, and development. At the same time, it presents the activities of the industry and profession to the general public and offers networking potential for various branches of activity.

BIO 22 accompanying program will bring even more excitement about design to Ljubljana this fall. The city will host a one-month series of exhibitions, international talks, creative workshops for children and young people, educational seminars, conferences, public tours, and other events.

Why participate in BIO 22?
• BIO is one of the world’s oldest international design events with a tradition of more than forty years.
• Every two years since 1964, designers, commissioners, producers and students from Europe and the rest of the world have presented their best works at the Biennial.
• Through its selection of well-designed products and its emphasis on quality, originality and innovation in the work of Slovene and foreign designers, BIO promotes contemporary trends in international design.
• BIO bestows visibility and distinction on all who are connected with exhibited design works.
• BIO provides a link between designers, commissioners and users.
• BIO awards are an acknowledgement of superior design for designers, commissioners and producers.
• Works that win BIO awards are included in the international design collection of the Architecture Museum of Ljubljana.
• The exhibited works are presented in the BIO 22 catalogue.
• The BIO Secretariat presents the exhibited and award-winning works in the Slovene and foreign media.
• BIO is a major international design event both because of its longevity and excellent reputation among international design professionals, and because it provides an important meeting point and source of professional information for Slovene business and culture.
• BIO is a member of Bureau of European Design Associations (BEDA) and International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID) and BIO takes an active part in International Council of Graphic Design Associations (ICOGRADA).

For more information and Rules for Participation in the 22nd Biennial of Industrial Design visit www.bio.si

BIO Secretariat / Architecture Museum of Ljubljana
Pot na Fužine 2, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
T: 00386 1 540 03 48

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