Washington Memorial Grounds Competition, Finalist

El concurso, lanzado en Estados Unidos en el verano de 2010, proponía presentar ideas para hacer que en un futuro cercano, los icónicos espacios para la memoria sean más acogedores, educativos y efectivamente utilizables por el público. El proceso de varias etapas, con más de 500 participantes de todo el mundo, se ha reducido a seis finalistas, y ahora el público está invitado a votar entre dichas propuestas.

The competition, launched in the summer of 2010, asked the American people to submit ideas on ways to “make these iconic but unfinished grounds more welcoming, educational, and effectively used by the public for decades to come”. The multi-stage process narrowed down over 500 entries from around the world to six finalists, and is now inviting the public to vote for «People’s Choice» favorites from among the finalist proposals. Public engagement is crucial for such an event that seeks to generate a national, or even international, discussion, to help shape the future of perhaps the most symbolic American landscape, «not necessarily in the way L’Enfant or the McMillan planners envisioned it but in a new way that speaks to the aspirations of the 21st century.»

Voting takes place online, and remains open until spring 2012, at the competition’s website: http://www.wamocompetition.org/

«A Great Inclined Plane», proposed by Lucrecia Laudi, COAC, Julian Hunt, AIA, Monling Lee, and Miguel Angel Maldonado Torres of Hunt Laudi Studio, draws its initial inspiration from the experience of the enormous crowds at the last presidential inauguration. The driving idea is to extend the mall with a great inclined viewing platform that would bridge over the interrupting grade crossing at Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets.

Detailed presentation in High Definition

But the proposal by Hunt Laudi Studio should be understood as a complex and ambiguous solution to the question of the Mall informed by a sensibility that might best be expressed as «architecture in a minor key»: an awareness that the agoraphobic scale of the Mall implies an equivalent span of epochal time both ancient and on the far horizons of the future, the birth and death of nations and the cataclysmic events that shape the course of history.

More information >www.huntlaudistudio.com

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