Trimo Urban Crash 2013

El concurso Trimo Urban Crash desafía a estudiantes de arquitectura y diseño de todo el mundo a diseñar un servicio de bicicletas y cafetería en el centro de Liubliana llamado Base Bike, mientras se aplique el paradigma de la arquitectura de espacios modulares y el aspecto de la autosuficiencia y la sostenibilidad. Se recibirán trabajos hasta el 31 de enero de 2013.

The forth international competition Trimo Urban Crash challenges students of architecture and design from all over the world to design a Bike Service and Coffee Shop in the center of Ljubljana, whilst applying the paradigm of modular space architecture and the aspect of self-sufficiency and sustainability, called the Bike Base by 31st of January. Submitted solutions will be evaluated by an international jury, consisting of professors of architecture and design, architects (practitioners), the authors of previous winning solutions, a representative of Trimo, and a representative of the Municipality of Ljubljana. Motley bunch of jury members!

The winning project will be chosen through a two round evaluation by international jury, followed by the final vote, when public will be presented; and announced by the end of April 2013. The project will be built in summer 2013. At the official opening of the building, finalists will meet members of jury and be able to participate in architectural workshops in Ljubljana. Trimo will build the winning project in Ljubljana and also award the winner with a scholarship for summer session at an acclaimed architecture school.

The international competition, Trimo Urban Crash, offers students and universities an excellent communication channel to efficiently establish contact, an opportunity for knowledge exchange, and comparison of different architectural approaches. Trimo Urban Crash is a competition that encourages creative re-modelling of an urban environment with progressive construction materials and technologies, produced by Trimo, as an established European provider.

The experience of creating a solution for a potentially realisable project is also very important. Trimo strives to expand connections and cooperation with academia, to ensure diverse content for the syllabuses in Faculties of Architecture, and to encourage constructive cooperation between theory, practice, and economics, in different areas. Considering the strong tradition of Trimo’s research development department, and the focus on a professional approach, Trimo Urban Crash is one of many innovative projects.

More Information > http://www.trimo-urbancrash.com

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