Double Track Design Contest

El objetivo es construir un atlas dedicado al diseño anónimo de los países de Europa Central y Oriental. Para ello, en el concurso de este año, se les pide a los participantes que identifiquen un objeto de la memoria colectiva que muestre habilidades de diseño y que sea significativo. El concurso está abierto a diseñadores nacidos en los Estados miembros de la CEI (Albania, Austria, Belarús, Bosnia y Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croacia, República Checa, Hungría, Italia, Macedonia, Moldavia, Montenegro, Polonia, Rumania, Serbia, Eslovaquia, Eslovenia y Ucrania), así como Estonia, Alemania, Letonia, Lituania y Turquía.

The aim is to build a large memory atlas dedicated to the anonymous design of the countries of Central Eastern Europe, therefore in this year’s competition, participants are asked to identify an object from the collective memory, which demonstrates design skill, it can be simple or complex as long as it is meaningful.

The object could be a household tool or alternatively professional equipment or small objects for building. Once the participants have singled out their object they must photograph it on a white backdrop, outline in writing a brief history, comment on the motivations behind the choice and then proceed onto a reuse and redefinition project, which could take shape in a ready-made project or simply a change of function.Participation in the competition is free of charge.

The competition is open to all designers born in CEI Member States (Albania, Austria, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine) as well as Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania and Turkey. The potential groups should only comprise participants born in the countries listed above.

The online application form should be filled out in full in English or Italian and the submitted project must comply with the specified terms. The application and attached project – complete with the material described in ART. 3 together with an ID document – must be presented by midnight (Italian time) of the 31st May 2012.

The jury will be headed by Gillo Dorfles and comprise international experts and representatives from CEI and the Trieste Contemporanea. It will convene in the month of June 2012 and will evaluate the projects in the competition according to the following criteria:
1. Originality and depth of research in the study of the memory object;
2. Creation and innovation of the reuse proposal;
3. Completion and clarity in presentation of the work submitted.

The prizes are the following:
– Selected Projects: the jury will select a number of works which will be shown in an exhibition in Trieste and published in the online catalogue provided.
– Beba Prize for the youngest designer among those selected: 1000 Euros.
– Cei Prize for the best designer from one of the CEI countries not an EU member: 3000 Euros.
– Gillo Dorfles Prize – Trieste Contemporanea Design 2012 for the best project: 4000 Euros.

More Information > http://www.triestecontemporanea.it/designcontest/

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