16 países premiados este año en la convocatoria europea “40 under 40”

El ‘European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies’, junto con 'The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design’, anunciaron la selección del premio europeo ’40 under 40’® para el año 2011. El premio reconoce los mejores nuevos talentos del diseño europeo en los ámbitos de la arquitectura, la arquitectura del paisaje, el urbanismo y el diseño industrial y su contribución excepcional, liderazgo y primeros logros en sus carreras profesionales.

16 European Nations honored this year as Europe’s leading 40 under 40

The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies, together with The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design, announce this year’s award selection for Europe 40 under 40® for 2011. Europe 40 Under 40 recognizes the best emerging European design talent in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, and industrial design and their exceptional leadership contributions and achievements early in their professional careers.

Thirty-nine architects and landscape architects and one industrial designer were selected by a jury of architecture and design practitioners that convened in Seattle, Washington. The Jury for Awards was held at the Seattle office of The American Institute of Architects and included the following architects and industrial design leaders: John Barratt, President/CEO, Teague; Alan Maskin, Principal, Olson Kundig Architects; and Rafael Vignoly, Design Principal, LMN Architects. The winning 2011 Europe 40 Under 40 will form an exhibition during the XIII BA11- International Biennial of Architecture in Buenos Aires at Centro Cultural Recoleta (Junin 1930 C.P. 1113) opening October 8 and continuing through October 30, 2011. Plans are being formulated to travel the exhibition inside Europe in 2012. This year’s program drew submissions from young architects and designers from all European Union (EU) countries, including accession countries and Switzerland. Presented annually, the program is open to all young architects, landscape architects, urban planners, industrial designers, graphic designers, and fashion and textile designers who are under the age of 40 who are working independently or in a firm or on a specific project where they are the lead designer.

Geographically, this year’s Laureates for the 2011 “Europe 40 Under 40” arrive from across 16 European nations: Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Turkey, Sweden, Spain – the best of the young best of Europe. “Some of Europe’s most exceptional design talent was selected this year,” states Christian K. Narkiewicz-Laine, Museum President, The Chicago Athenaeum. “These young practitioners, currently designing and building some of the most provocative work today, promise to be riding the crest of the future in Europe.” “The Europe 40 Under 40 program was initiated by the European and American institutions,” states Kieran Conlon, Director/COO, The European Center, “as an annual program to spotlight and identify the next generation of architects and designers who will impact future living and working environments, cities, and rural areas throughout Europe. “This year’s range and quality of work was most substantial—from skyscrapers to art exhibitions,” continues Mr. Conlon. “New corporate architecture, institutional projects, religious buildings, civic and political structures, planning projects, urban renewal, restoration/renovation, residential architecture for single family and multi-family dwellings, stores, residential or commercial interiors, sports and transportation centers, institutions, parks, monuments, and public environments. It was difficult to narrow down the number of submissions to just 40.”

The 2011 Europe 40 Under 40 Laurates

Mikko Kärkkäinen – Finland
Mikko Kärkkäinen is one of Finland’s prominent up-and-coming young industrial designers. He is the principal of Tunto Design, which features products handmade at his workshop in Järvenpää, Finland. His focus is on lamps, light, and developing radical new concepts that combine the latest technology with wooden materials. He has won both the GOOD DESIGN and Green GOOD DESIGN Awards for his innovative lighting products from The Chicago Athenaeum.

Daniel Jiménez Ferrera – Spain
Daniel Jiménez Ferrera is principal of the firm, Daniel Jiménez+Jaime Olivera Arquitectos in Badajoz, Spain. Their projects have won several architecture competitions including Urban renovation of environs of Triana Bridge (Sevilla 1999), Social dwellings (Málaga 2000), Habla Winery (Trujillo 2001), Multipurpose Building (Zafra 2002), San Marcos Winery (Almendralejo 2003), Museum of the Wine (Almendralejo 2005), Vía de la Plata Youth Hostel (Casar de Cáceres 2006), Central Emergency 112 Service (Mérida 2006), Central of Transports (Olivenza 2007), Territorial Center (Olivenza 2008), R+D+I Center (Badajoz 2009). They are also authors of Pinofranqueado Health Care Center (2005), Urban Plan and Cultural Info Point in the Plan Meta_Mórfosis for the Contemporary Art Museum-MEIAC (2006), EMAG Supporting and Administration Offices for the North and South Logistic Areas in Extremadura (2007), Urban Actions in Badajoz (2008), published in international magazines (AV, Future, Area, C3, AeV) and selected in Architectural Exhibitions in Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Cádiz, Valencia, Granada, Badajoz, Cáceres, Lisbon, Köln, Konstanz. In January 2006 the Habla Winery in Trujillo won the Prize of Architecture of Extremadura, the Casar Youth Hostel was selected in the Spanish Biennial for Young Architects in 2008 and in July 2011 the MUCVA was awarded in the Philippe Rotthier European Prize for Architecture.

Donaldas Trainauskas – Lithuania
Donaldas Trainauskas is the principal of the firm 4 PLIUS architects in Vilnius and Kaunas, Lithuania. The firm has built some outstanding residential and commercial buildings in Lithuania and has participated in numerous local and international exhibitions in Hannover, Budapest, and Berlin. In 2004, the firm won an award for the reconstruction of Utena A. and V. Miškiniai Public Lbrary.

Aleksandra Jaeschke (Poland) / Andrea Di Stefano (Italy)
Aleksandra Jaeschke and Andrea Di Stefano are partners in the Italian firm of Studio AION in Siracusa, Italy. The studio was founded by both architects after graduating from the Architectural Association in London in 2005. AION is an architectural practice engaging with the complexity of built environments through an integral approach. Matter, technique and function are treated as a continuum through a design process triggering novelty out of sistematicity and assessing praxis as a form of creative engineering of life. Understanding architecture as essentially involved in the material organization of the living, the office operates within urban and environmental processes seeking for higher system performance across scales and domains.

Olivier Camus / Lydéric Veauvy – France
Olivier Camus and Lydéric Veauvy are partners of the French firm of Tank Architectes in Roubaix, France. The firm has creating superb examples of private residences and civic buildings. Recent projects include: City Hall of Proville, Proville, France (2008); La Minoterie, Roubaix, France (2008); The Levy Strauss School, Lille, France (2010); Mediatheque de Proville, Proville France (2010); and Nine Houses in Lens, France (2009-2010).

Israel Alba Ramis – Spain
Israel Alba Ramis is principal of the firm of Isreael Alba Ramis Arquitecto in estucioAF in Madrid. The firm is a team of young professionals (architects, engineers, designers, quantity surveyors, landscape architects, etc) who share an equal motivation, concern, compromise and excitement for architecture and their way of practicing the profession. Recent awards include a Competition for 140 Dwellings, Garages, and Storage Rooms for Instituto de la Vivienda de Madrid in 2007 (First Place); and Competition of 35 Ideas of 50 Dwellings in Cuervas del Almanzora in 2006 (Finalist). Notable works include: Environmental Technological Center in Valderingomez Forest Park in Madrid and Office Block + Industrial Plant near Vicalvao, Madrid.

Stefania Papitto – Italy
Stefania Papitto is principal in the Italian firm of Evels & Papitto-b4architects based in Rome. Founded in 2003, the group was born as a free relationship between architects that work in a synergic way, joining several areas of knowledge together. The firm’s work centers in producing projects that contribute to the debate of the complexity of modern life. Their approach to any project is to involve all parties in a creative collaboration to define the objectives of the project with a balanced combination within critical readings of the local context and the “outsider” perspective of us. Principal projects include: Design for the Children-Pediatric Clinci in Rwanda (2009); “Spazio Verdi” a new bookshop space in Rome; and a Master Plan “Touching Water” in Kotka, Finland.

Tom Darmon/ Laetitia Antonini – France
Tom Darmon is partner in the French firm of Antonini + Darmon, together with Laetitia Antonini and based in Paris. The firm specializes in urban planning and commercial and high-rise buildings. Recent projects include the Competition for the Sport Complex in Saint Nazaire (2011); Competition for Apartments in Lilas (2011); 130 Student and Young Workers Rooms in Saint Denis (2011); Competition for 60 Apartments and Commercial Spaces OPH Aubervilliers (2011); and 12 Apartments at Houilles.Forest Park in Madrid and Office Block + Industrial Plant near Vicalvao, Madrid.

Paolo Iotti / Marco Pavarini – Italy
The Italian-based firm, Iotti + Pavarani Architetti was established in Reggio Emilia in 2001 by Paolo Iotti and Marco Pavarani, The firm specializes in urban planning and landscape architecture, as well as civic and commercial building. The firm was recently named the Best Italian Practice under 40 in the inaugural Renzo Piano Foundation Prize competition for its design of Domus Technica in Brescello, Italy. Domus Technica also was also awarded the 2011 National Prize for Architecture ANCE IN/ARCH IV edition. Since its launch, IPA has been awarded eleven first prizes, three second prizes, a third prize, and two honorable mentions for its portfolio of built and in-progress projects.

Hakan Demirel – Turkey
Istanbul based architecture office Suyabatmaz Demirel was first founded by architect Arif Suyabatmaz in 1995. In 2008, Hakan Demirel, a graduate of Yildiz Technical University School of Architecture, returned to Istanbul after finishing his studies in New York and formed a partnership together with Arif Suyabatmaz and the office name hence changed to Suyabatmaz Demirel. The firm’s works focus mostly on residential, commercial and office spaces and the scale range varies from single houses to high-density residential blocks or from single commercial units to shopping complexes. The austere and rich architectural language formed by delicate choices of materials, colors and details enable the office to create distinct spatial experiences even for conventional functions. Recent projects include: Walk-in Cinema (2011) and TAO Tower (2011) both in Istanbul.

Eric Frijters / Olv Klinj – The Netherlands
Eric Frijters and Olv Klijn are partners of the Dutch firm of .FABRIC. The firm is a knowledge intensive design practice involved in architecture, urbanism, and research in FABRICations, which appear in a large variety of media ranging from actual buildings to visual representations and written texts. Recently, the firm was invited to participate in brainstorming the future of Brabant Stad – the urban network of the five major cities of North Brabant: Breda, Eindhoven, Helmond, Hertogenbosch and Tilburg – and how to strengthen this spatial structure (2011). Also, the office was commissioned to research and map the characteristics of the coastal towns Wijk aan Zee, Petten, Den Helder and Zandvoort, in relation to long-term coast safety (2011). FABRIC won the Prix the Rome 2010 for architecture, which is the most prestigious prize for young architects in the Netherlands that is awarded once in four years.

Augustin Rosenstiehl/ Pierre Sartoux – France
Augustin Rosenstiehl and Pierre Sartoux are partners in the firm of SOA Architectes in Paris. Since 2001, the office has been practicing and asserting diversity by each partern’s distinctive backgrounds in architecture, design, ethnology, urbanism and conceptual art. This collaborative approach marks each engagement by incorporating a rigorous theoretical, aesthetic and sociological assessment, itself the result of the analysis of relevant geographical and social factors. The firm is a recent winners of several competitions (The Museum of the Audomarois Wetlands; Aubervilliers’ Psychiatric Hospital; A Hostel for Adoma in Paris including 55 housing units; a housing project of 88 apartments for Zac Médicis, in Blois; The Eco-district of the Saclay Pplateau). The studio now uses green energy with Enercoop, a non profit organization that only gets it from renewable energy producers.

Stéphane Fernández / Ivry Serres – France
Stéphane Fernandez and Ivry Serres are partners in the French firm of atelier Fernandez & serres architectes in Aix en Provence in France. The firm specializes in the design of apartments, cultural spaces, commercial buildings, public areas, landscape architecture and urban planning. Recently, the firm won the competitions for Equipement Culturel a Vertou (dance, theatre, music, and performance) and an apartment building in Carnoux. Other projects include Les Graines d’Etoiles Nursery (2009) in Aix en Proviince, a Baraganesque-style nursery in the French countryside and the Multimedia Library Albert Camus (2008) in Carnoux.

Alisa Andrasek – Croatia
Alisa Andrasek is a research based practitioner of architecture and computation and founding principal of BIOTHING. She graduated from the University of Zagreb, and holds a Masters in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University. In addition to conducting research, Andrasek teaches studios and seminars at the Architectural Association Design Research Lab and the UCL Bartlett post graduate program, and has taught at Columbia, Pratt, UPenn, RMIT Melbourne and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Recent exhibitions include Transitory Objects TB-A21 in Vienna, Elles at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, A_maze at FRAC Orleans, Synathroisis in Athens; Scripted by Purpose in Philadelphia, Seroussi pavilion in Paris, Ars Mathematica in Paris, the 2003 Prague Biennale, the 2004 Sydney Biennial, Architectural Biennial Beijing 2004, 2006 and 2008, and the New Museum, New York, amongst others. Her curatorial work includes “Emergent Talent Emergent Technologies” exhibitions for the Beijing Biennial 2006 and 2008. and “PROTO/E/CO/LOCICS: Speculative Materialism in Architecture” symposium in Rovinj Croatia. She lectured and published her work and writings worldwide. Andrasek was born in Croatia and presently lives in London. // www.biothing.org

Maxim Laroussi – Ireland
Moroccan-born, French-raised Maxim Laroussi, is a partner in the Dublin and Lyon-based studio of Architecture Republic, founded in 2005. The firm’s focus is on the conceptual research and analysis of projects through design studies in the field of architecture, urbanism and landscape design, as well as collaborative work in art, graphic design, theatre etc. The office has since garnered numerous awards, as well as a nomination for the Mies van der Rohe prize. Recent projects include “Brick a Back House, “ a renovated private family home located in Irishtown, Dublin and “Plastic House,” another renovation project in Dublin. Other works include mixed-use developments housing rehearsal studios, a boutique hotel, offices and café in Dublin, Ireland; 70,000 ft2 reconversion and refurbishment of an existing shopping centre into offices in Poznan, Poland; a rural sustainable housing development in the Languedoc-Roussillon, France; and various domestic houses in Ireland and overseas. He currently teaches at the School of Architecture University Limerick.

Dirk Kroliko (England) & Falko Schmitt (Germany)
The London-based partnership between Dirk Krolikowski and Falko Schmitt (DKFS) has its origins in their time together at university (RWTH Aachen). Next to their engagement in international practices they maintain a creative studio to share their common and genuine interest in ‘architectural structures’ such as bridges with an interdisciplinary approach to design. DKFS so far has won international competitions, amongst them the international RIBA competition for the 110m River Douglas Bridge together with ARUP as structural consultant. Recently Dirk and Falko were awarded the first prize in a prestigious international bridge competition for a 52m moving bridge in the centre of Vienna which is intended to start on site in 2011 (Structural engineer: Jane Wernick Associates). It will be Vienna’s first bascule bridge. From 2007 to 2009 both partners have been teaching the Design Engineering Unit at the RWTH Aachen.

Erik Giudice – Sweden
Erik Giudice Architects is a multidisciplinary architectural office based in Paris and Stockholm. Erik Giudice and his team have built up international recognition through winning competition entries and built projects in a wide range of scales and programs: from cultural centers, sport facilities to large urban projects. His firm has the capacity to undertake complex and large projects and works with a network of highly qualified specialists in all related fields. Regardless of scale or location the office always fuels all its energy into the project, combining passion, pragmatism and commitment. Recent projects include: Highrise and urban design in Mörby Centrum (2010); Grand Stadium Competition Casablanca (2010); and Fair and Exhibition Centre in Malmo.

Irlander – Sweden
Studio Irander was established in 2007 in The Hague in The Netherlands and is practicing landscape architecture and urbanism through a contextual approach based on research. The studio relocated in 2008 and is now based in Stockholm, Sweden. Recent competition projects include: the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo (Finalist, 2010); Vatnsmyri, Reykjavik (First Rank Award, 2008); and Nordhavnen, Copenhagen (2009).

Vincent Van der Meulen – The Netherlands
Vincent van der Meulen is a associate partner in the Rotterdam-based architecture studio of Kraaijvanger • Urbis, where he specializes in innovative buildings that are highly sustainable. His work is characterized by a constant search to find new ways of making cities and buildings completely sustainable. He passionately advocates international, multidisciplinary collaboration to find a new and more attractive balance between the built environment and nature. To him especially the water’s edge forms a key-position where quality of life, space, light and possibilities for sustainable innovation all come together. Vincent van der Meulen’s recent projects include the municipal offices of Almelo and Venlo, the school for urban agriculture in Almere and the self-sufficient floating home.
– Ilkka Salminene / Riina Palva – Finland
– Jussi Palva / Väinö  Nikkilä – Filand

VERSTAS Architects Ltd is a Helsinki-based architecture practice founded in 2004 by four architects, Väinö Nikkilä, Jussi Palva, Riina Palva and Ilkka Salminen. Verstas offers high quality architectural design and operates on the whole scope of architect’s work, from urban design to the finest architectural detail. The firm aims to improve the built environment and is committed to working in close collaboration with all parties involved in a project to achieve the best result. Recent projects include Kirkkojärvi School, which won the International Architecture Award from The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design; Hämeenkatu City Plan for Jyväskylä; and City Cottage (2010) designed as a modern interpretation of the summer huts on the shores of Helsinki.
– Albuquerque Goinhas / Augusto Marcelino – Portugal
– Cristina Mendonça / Luis Baptista – Portugal
– Nuno Griff / Sofia Antunes – Portugal

Pedro Patrício – Portugal
The Lisbon-based Embaixada Arquitectura it a collective established in 2001 by the seven 40 Under 40 associates with the aim to produce works capable of answering to the exquisite requisites of contemporary life by innovative ways. As an office, it refuses to be limited to one type of specialization, constantly searching for new and different challenges. The work developed encloses areas in urbanism, architecture, art, and design. Recent projects include Tomar Environmental Monitoring and Interpretation Offices—part of the Polis programme-nationwide and govermental program. The strategy was to revive cities by introducing new equipment such as the Environmental Monitorizing and Interpretation Offices (EMIO) buildings. Another project in Tomar, Casa Dos Cubos, consists of a rehabilitation of an ancient factory. The old structure is left all white, intact, while the new black structure stands inside, connecting spaces and creating interesting promenades.

Petras Tsabikos – Greece
Petras Tsabikos of Tsabikos Petras architectural studio is an architect, engineer and teaching assistant at the NTUA, based in Athens. He has participated in research projects and has been awarded in hellenic and international architectural competitions. His interests include accessibility and sensory awareness in spatial perception.Tempus Fugit – Piraeus Tower, Attica (2010) and Wallhouse, Lavrion, Attica (2009) were voted as two of the 12 Leading Projects in Greece, “The Best Projects of the Years 2008-2010,” by Domes Magazine in Athens.

Salwa Mikou – France
Salwa Mikou,partner in the firm of Mikoustudio Architects in Paris, previously worked from 2001 to 2005 with Jean Nouvel on international projects – residential and office buildings in Beirut, Seoul and Paris, urban projects in Doha, Valencia and Rabat, a cultural and educational centre in Kuwait city, a park in Barcelona and the studies for the Tanger Harbour. Recent projects include: Lions Fountain Square, Parc de la Villette in Paris (2011); Albert Thomas School Complex, Bordeaux (2011); and a competition fo r ZAC Lyon Confluence H2, Housing for Elderly People for the Peninsula (2011).

Jan Ammundsen – Denmark
Jan Ammundsen is Partner and Head of the Competition Department at the Danish architecture studio 3XN. The architecture of 3XN is created in the nexus between science and art; iconic design and context. The studio’s philosophy is that architecture shapes behavior and that a thorough dialogue with clients and end users is crucial to the success of our projects. In 2007 3XN established the research and development department GXN working on implementing new (green) materials and technologies in the studio’s projects. The practice had its international breakthrough in the late 1990’s with the Danish Embassy in Berlin (completed in 1999) and the Muziekgebouw Concert Hall in Amsterdam (competition win in 1997). In 2005 3XN won the competition for the new Museum of Liverpool which opened in the summer of 2011. Jan Ammundsen’s portfolio includes other first prize projects like: The Blue Planet Aquarium, The Arc in Mandal and Molde Theatre and Jazzhouse in Norway, Middelfart Savings Bank, Dublin Concert Hall, and Bella Sky Hotel.

Victor Sala Bori – Spain
Victor Sala Bori of the firm, Coolarq, Barcelona, Spain. His project Landscaper, Castelldefels in Barcelona was published by Marché International des Professionnels d’Immobilier for their Future Projects Awards.

Europe 40 Under 40 is organized by Kieran Conlon, Director/COO, The European Centre and Lary L.
Sommers, Director of Administration/Marketing, The Chicago Athenaeum.

The deadline for the 2012 Europe 40 Under 40 is 1 November 2011. Applications are available online at The European Centre’s website at www.europeanarch.eu

For more information > http://www.40under40.com.au/Home.aspx

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