Autor: Interval Architects

Interval Architects was co-founded by Oscar KO and GU Yunduan.  Work of the office has received awards and nominations including the Design that Educates Award, Asia Design Prize, International Design Award, Perspective A&D China Award, HKDC Design for Asia Award, Re-Thinking Future Award, nomination for The 3rd China Media Architecture Award (Best Architecture Award) and candidate project for 2A Asia Architecture Award.  Interval Architects has also won prizes or shortlisted recognitions in competitions including Glass House Collection ’13 competition (2nd prize), Shenzhen Hongling Secondary School Competition (2nd Prize), shortlisted entry for Spritual.d-Competition, shortlisted entry for Designboom Design for Death Architecture competition.

Work of Interval Architects has been presented in exhibitions such as Milan Design Week, Beijing Design Week and China 1000 exhibition.  Interval Architects has also been published internationally in media such as Architektur(Austria), SPACE(Korea), Wallpaper China Edition, Perspective(Hong Kong), d+a(Singapore), CASE DA ABITARE(Chinese edition), Architecture & Culture(Korea), Taiwan Architecture, CONDE(Taiwan), Landscape World(Korea), UED(China), T+a(China), Domusweb, Designboom, Archdaily, Dezeen, Gooood, China 1000, etc.

Principal Architects

Mr.Oscar KO is a lecturer at the University of Hong Kong.  He received his Master of Architecture degree from Columbia University, New York and Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree from University of Michigan. He has worked in several leading European firms including Josep Lluis Mateo Architects, David Chipperfield Architects and Space Group Architects.  Mr.Oscar KO has won Perspective 40 under 40 Award in 2018.  Since 2017 Mr.Oscar KO has been teaching at University of Hong Kong (Shanghai Center).  He has also delivered lectures at University of Hong Kong (Shanghai Center), Beijing Forestry University and Tongji University Summer Design Program.

Ms.GU Yunduan is Class 1 Registered Architect in China. She has received her Bachelor of Architecture degree from Tongji University. Ms.GU Yunduan has worked in A.S. Architecture-Studio and Chiasmus Partners.  During her practice period, she has taken active role in several important design competitions and completed the Millennium Monument Theater Renovation project and Beijing Fangjia Hutong Performance Center project.  Ms. GU Yunduan has won Perspective 40 under 40 Award in 2018.


– Design that Educates Award – Honorable Mention, 2019

– Asia Design Prize – Winner, 2019

– International Design Award – Honorable Mention, 2019

– A&D China Award – Certificate of Excellence, 2018

– 2A Asia Architecture Award – Candidate Project, 2018

– S.Arch Award – Shortlisted project, 2018

– Design Power 100, 2018

– Perpsective 40 under 40 Award, 2018

– Design for Asia Award – Merit Recognition, 2014

– Re-Thinking Future Award, 2014

– Glass House Collection ‘13 – 2nd Prize, 2013

– Nomination on for the 3rd China Media Award, 2012


– China 1000, Beijing Design Week, 2015

– 751 D-Lab, Beijing Design Week, 2014

– Mountain and Water, Milan Design Week, 2014

– Re-Craft Design, Milan Design Week, 2013


– Site is everything, Shanghai Center, University of Hong Kong, 2018

– Negative Spaces and Positive Intervention, Beijing Forestry University, 2015

– Negative Spaces and Positive Intervention, Summer Design Program at Tongji University, 2015


– Architektur, Austria, 2019/2

– SPACE, Korea, 2019/3

– Wallpaper China Edition, China, 2019/1+2

– d+a China Architecture Special Edition, Singapore, 2017

– Perspective, Hong Kong, 2018/7; 2014/9; 2014/11; 2012/1

– di, China, 2014/6

– CASE DA ABITARE China Edition, China, 2014/6; 2011/12

– CONDE, Taiwan, 2014/5

– a+a, China, 2014/4; 2013/2

– Architecture & Culture, Korea, 2012/10

– Taiwan Architecture, Taiwan, 2012/8

– Hinge, Hong Kong, 2012/4

– UED, China, 2012/1+2

– Landscape Design, China, 2012/1

– Landscape World, Korea, 2012/1



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