Turn, Turn, Turn

This house is designed by the purpose of long life and comfortable life. In spite of three-storied house, inhabitants are possible to walk on the gentle slope almost like a flat house.


There is a spiral slope.
Turn and go up,
And then go through a wall,
Turn up next space,

At last reach the sky. 

Wooden rooms are surrounded by the spiral slope and exterior walls which are made of Reinforced concrete. Durability of the RC structure which withstands horizontal force of earthquake allows flexibility of its wooden structure. In addition, the slope functions improving good environment. Closing light weight walls, the rooms keep not only comfortable temperature by making an air layer but also privacy.

Gentle slope Hybrid structure
– The gentle slope makes sequence of the space as horizontal displacement despite a three-storied house.
– Vertical displacement in this house seems almost like walking on a flat house.
– The building feature is hybrid structure, Reinforced concrete and wooden structure.
– It has various advantage of sustainability.

RC Spiral slope
– Reinforced Concrete structure has long life, about 70years lifespan.
– The RC was designed by permanence.
– The RC slope (10% 1/10,5.7°) provides lighten physical burden like easily rising to a rooftop.
– In addition, it withstands horizontal force of earthquake.

Wooden structure
– Wooden structure has flexibility because the wooden material is easy to process. This feature promote to renovation or extension.
– Moreover, this wooden floor can set up every height because a spiral slope can access every height.

Light weight walls
– On the other hands, such dividing structure contributes to good environment.
– The wooden structure has light weight walls that made of paper and wood.
– Closing these walls, this house has a double skin.
– When an air conditioner is working, the walls show the ability.
– The room becomes good environment which is surrounded by an air space.

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Air circulation
– Moreover, opening a top-level window of an air space, the building is due to generate buoyancy-driven ventilation like a tornado.

The house is located at a Japanese typical housing area.

It is consequently assumed that this house exists for long time with hybrid structure.

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