Not a Hotel Ishigaki

11 minutes drive from Shin-Ishigaki Airport, Okinawa. EARTH" is an architecture that blurs the boundary between inside and outside, connecting you to the earth in a relaxed manner.

A one-of-a-kind tropical resort will be born on a vast site along the ocean, where you can enjoy the ocean view and private garden to your heart’s content.

The building blends in with the greenery when viewed from above, and when viewed from the ocean, the building height is about the same as the surrounding trees, creating an exterior that blends in with the nature of Ishigaki Island.

In addition to the living/dining room and pool overlooking the ocean, there are four separate bedrooms that can accommodate up to 10 people.

In the garden, there is a kids’ pool where children can play at their leisure, a fire place for bonfires, and a sauna on the first floor with light streaming in through a skylight.

After gathering with family and friends to enjoy the quiet beach and BBQ in the garden, you can have dinner in the living room and go to your respective rooms.

Even if you are staying with a large number of people, you can spend your time in a relaxed atmosphere, switching on and off as you go.

Design Concept

The site is located close to the airport, yet is very quiet and serene. What was impressive about the site when I visited was that the entire property ws very beautifully maintained, and felt the overflowing passion of the original owner, who lived here for a long time. I felt that this site was a very happy place.

We designed the house to take in the potential of the site as it is, with its surrounding greenery, beautiful sea of Ishigaki, and starry sky that shines beautifully at night, aiming to create an environment that complements both the garden and the building.

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While the main view in the building is open to the sea, the courtyard space is a kind of world of its own. Stepping into the building, it feels as visiting a different planet, a world where the only sensations are the atmosphere, the sea, and the sky.

By creating an otherworldly environment while at the same time blending in with the surrounding greenery and the environment of Ishigaki Island, another special “Earth” can be created while remaining in harmony with the earth.

With this double meaning, this project was named “EARTH”.

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