MoederscheimMoonen Architects wins design tender for P&R car park, in Zutphen

Rotterdam-based architectural firm MoederscheimMoonen recently won the tender for the design of a Park & Ride multi-storey car park.

Commissioned by NS Stations, the building will be realised for the municipality of Zutphen near Zutphen Central Station. It will have a capacity of 375 parking spaces as well as a bike shed with room for 652 bicycles. In early 2016, the Continental Car Parks construction firm will start building the new car park.

The multi-storey car park will be realised within a Design and Build contract. The assignment outlines the development of a new car park that fits in the existing environs of Zutphen Central Station. The new car park will be erected in the Noorderhaven neighbourhood, and its design makes clear references to the historical warehouses that used to give this area of the Hanseatic city of Zutphen its unique character.

The multi-storey car park has explicitly been designed as a new ‘calling card’ for the city. The wooden slat elements in its facade give the complex a human scale and create a more pleasant environment for people passing through. In addition, the design is characterised by light, air and space and has a high-quality, markedly ‘technical’ look and feel. This impression is enhanced by the open structure at street level, where playfully-arranged galvanised columns bring the utilitarian character of this former industrial area and the nearby IJsselbrug to mind.

The two shorter sides of the complex are situated adjacent to the key railway underpasses in this area (for vehicles and pedestrians). As such they have been given special attention. On one end of the building, one finds the car park’s exterior ramps, which take the shape of two sloped helixes. Viewed from this end, these structures give the building a sculptural quality. The other short-end facade is dominated by references to the old warehouses, thanks to the inclusion of a characteristic silhouette and wood shutters.

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To integrate the building as seamlessly as possible in its existing environs, at street level, the car park facade displays a special woven surface that represents the street plan of historical Zutphen. The entrance to the bike shed opens out on the nearby pedestrian zone. Since both the car park and the bike shed are expected to be used day and night, the façade will be continuously lit by means of LED lighting.

The interior of the building meets the most stringent ESPA (European Standard Parking Award) requirements. Furthermore, the multi-storey car park has been designed so that it can be extended in the future if so required. Both the start of construction and the building’s final acceptance are scheduled for 2016.

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