Domo House

Domo House is a one person’s house with the full program necessary for comfortable living, however with one restriction – minimization of required surface.

The name “one person’s house”, unlike “house for singles”, does not imply owner’s lifestyle. The One Person’s House provides potential inhabitant with comfort of having the house, intimacy with nature, distance from neighbor and quite important feature nowadays, garage – for car, motorcycle or bike with storing space, for example for windsurf board with the sail. Everything depends form the owners character.

While thinking of a basic program for the house we say in one breath: living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and of course… garage. The program, after summing up gives us significant number of square meters, however this house opposes generally accepted views. The main idea of the project was to design each room in the way that they do not lose anything from their functionality. In the same time, the house has to meet land development conditions that impose using gable roofs.

The concept of the house is simple cube which includes the main function – living room with the kitchenette and the bedroom. In order to fulfill land development conditions, the bedroom was lifted to the loft and the garage was moved under it. The stairs leading to the bedroom are based on the garage wall. The windows along the stairs brighten the staircase. In the same time their shape underlines the dynamism of the building which rises in the same direction. The bedroom is illuminated by three skylight situated on the eastern part of the roof. Living room has glazing windows on western site. Materials used to finish the house were chosen to fit the building into the neighborhood. The house is located in Zakamycze Street in Krakow, on the edge of Wolski forest. The area consists of modern architecture and aged rural houses, as well as, strictures of Fortress Krakow, such as forts and bomb shelters. Garage is coated with thin, bright, grey sandstone without any flaws and stains. The rest of the house is covered with black, titanium-zinc plates. Those materials were traditional used in surrounding area.

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In 2013 house was chosen by Association of Polish Architects (SARP) as one of the 10 best project representing Poland on V4 Family Houses exhibition – Single-family houses from Visegrad countries.

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