Casa Milán

BCA Taller de Diseño
The approach of the house was oriented to provoke a contemporary design with a typical gesture of the place, retrieving handmade work and the identity of the city of Xalapa. The special requirement of the client was that the house had to be very illuminated with natural light and to use local materials.

In the project, three axes were achieved: Architecture, interior and lighting designs. A simple composition of pure volumes creates the main body for the public and private spaces. The selection of materials was a key factor in the execution of this project: volcanic “recinto” stone, natural oak wood, apparent concrete, and brick floor, underline the architecture of this house distinguished by its authenticity and expression.

The methodology is based on generating the design starting from the interior, giving greater weight to a more human experience. The areas though having different uses are part of the same volume. This was achieved, for example, in the first floor by removing the walls and adding a specially designed piece of furniture that organizes and separates the spaces. All the furniture was made with Xalapa artisans and companies.

BCA Taller de Diseño took special care in exploiting the natural light. We triggered that when light scatters the main textures get a soft bath of light. The lighting is resolved with simple lamps, giving greater weight to the effect caused on the surfaces. The lighting design was inspired by the fireflies, the mist and Xalapa crafts to bestow the interior with and emotional touch.


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