Casa Martín del Campo


Name: Martín del Campo

Architects: ROJOarquitectura


Ubication: Iztapalapa, CDMX

Year: 2016

Collaborators: Hector Camacho, Luis Hernández

Photographer: Aldo Díaz

Martín del Campo house is built on a construction that dates back to the 80’s in an immiscible subdivision in a popular neighborhood within the CDMX, the scoop was to respect as much as possible the original structure and adapt it to the new needs of the young couple that will inhabit it. The original house consisted of 3 small bedrooms, with minimal functional spaces, nooks that caused wastage of useful area in the house and a totally unusable patio.

After analyzing the spaces one by one, we was taken the desition to demolish the structure made of load-bearing walls and to replace it with metallic structural elements, helping to have clearings more open and in this way to achive the customer´s needs, which consist of 4 bedrooms with generous proportions, 3 full and half bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, service room, family room, terrace and garden; for which we had to extend the house from 2 to 3 levels.

The main concept of the project focuses on the use of continuos forms as a guiding axis of design, due to this, in the house can be appreciated from windows in circular shapes of different sizes to protections that generate a regular pattern with the use of circles.

The project in its final materialization resulted in a house which cumplied all the expectations of the client and became a dream come true.

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