Exhibition: PIN 10 Years

Designer Fernando Brízio, based in Lisbon, has conceived the project for the exhibition PIN 10 Years, presented at SNBA - Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes in Lisbon, developed for PIN - Contemporary Jewellery Association.

The pre-existent spatial structure allowed to install an huge “table” of nine metres by two and-a-half metres, and one millimetre thick.  On which were displayed ninety pieces of jewellery from several Portuguese authors, chosen by the curator of the exhibition, Marie-José van den Hoet.

The scarce financial resources available to build the exhibition, as well as the lightness and small size of the exhibited pieces, resulted during the design process in a progressive dematerialization of the exhibition device, which became progressively smaller and more economical.

Two hundred and fifty one nylon wires with one millimetre thick, separated by one centimetre, were stretched between two wood panels, fastened to the building walls. The anchoring process of the nylon wires, was done with screws and washers hidden. The wires come out of the walls through one millimetre thick slots.

The decision to choose nylon strings for the construction of the exhibitory surface was based on three reasons: On the one hand I was interested in making a surface that was invisible, transparent, light, surprising, and at times luminous. The surface transparency varied throughout the day depending on the natural light that entered the room; it was greater when we looked from viewpoints where the room’s white walls appear behind the nylon wires. On the initial project, we plan the use of a white coating on the ground, for increased the invisibility of the exhibition device; however, this strategy was dropped due to budget issues. On the other hand, the elasticity and the durability of the nylon strings allowed us to keep the strings taut during a long time, allowing for the surface to remain unchanged for the duration of the exhibition. The use of a jewel implies movement. The exhibition structure, which displayed the works, shows fragility and lightness. When touched, the exhibited pieces oscillate without falling.

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