Swedish architecture and sauna tradition to Paris

Riksbyggen's internationally-acclaimed egg-shaped sauna, Solar Egg, by artists Bigert and Bergström, has been invited to be part of the Swedish Design Moves Paris initiative. For three weeks, starting on the 25th of November, Parisians will get the chance to experience both Swedish design and sauna traditions.

Riksbyggen’s Solar Egg has been invited to participate in Visit Sweden’s initiative, Swedish Design Moves Paris. The purpose of the initiative, made in cooperation with the Swedish Institute of Paris, is to draw attention to Swedish design, architecture and fashion in France.

The artists behind the 4x5m sauna, made of gold-plated stainless steel are the duo Bigert & Bergström, says Mathias Sandberg, Marketing and Sales Manager at Riksbyggen.

“We are incredibly proud here at Riksbyggen to represent Swedish architecture and design. The exhibition will discuss the future of urban planning and highlight Kiruna as an exciting example of social sustainability. Visitors will be able to see and experience our long-term commitment to the renewal of the city, in the symbol of the Solar egg”.

From the 15th of November to the 10th of December, the Solar Egg will be placed in the courtyard of the Swedish Institute in central Paris. Swedish fashion designer Diana Orving has designed kimonos for visitors to use at the exhibition.

In Kiruna, you could walk straight out into the northern landscape that was reflected on the surface of the Solar Egg. In the fashion capital of Paris, it’s a different story. Therefore, we’re adding another layer to the experience in cooperation with Swedish designer Diana Orving,” says Mathias Sandberg.

Visit Sweden wants to attract design, architecture and fashion interested visitors to the country by hosting activities this fall. Solar Egg is one of the biggest installations to land in Paris, part of their wide-ranging program.

We believe that Solar Egg can raise awareness of Sweden as a design nation. Solar Egg is a good platform for stories about Swedish design and architecture that can be experienced in Sweden, where our sauna tradition is one example of our lifestyle close to nature,” says Michael Persson Gripkow, Chief Brand and Communications Officer at Visit Sweden.

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The Solar Egg was recently recognised with a Red Dot and German Design Award. It has been nominated in the London International Awards and the Swedish Design Prize. Bigert & Bergström are currently preparing their large-scale exhibition at the gallery Artipelag in Stockholm.

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