Sandkaj Boardwalk

In connection with the development of the Aarhusgade district in Nordhavn, SLETH has designed a 425-meter-long promenade at Sandkaj harbour pier - an urban space based on Nordhavn's industrial character.

The promenade runs along the entire southern quay of the Aarhusgade district as a unifying course, where the district meets the water. With its unique location by the water, Sandkaj is an attractive, recreational urban space for everyone who wants to enjoy the proximity to the water in Nordhavn.

The cultural history of the Aarhusgade district leaves its mark on the urban space. The neighborhood’s encounter with the water is staged and activated to a large extent along the south-facing promenade, where the neighborhood’s recreational city life, especially in the summer months, where harbor baths, cafes, kayak hotels and stays, attract people from the neighborhood and the whole city.

The boardwalk is designed as a continuous oak deck, prioritizing pedestrians and bikes, and at the same time creating public flow and accessibility. Trees, plant beds, furniture, and bicycle- and car parking are placed in such a way that the speed is reduced and thereby creates a safe and secure urban environment.

The pier is made of oak on a steel construction. Next to Gothenburg Square, a small urban space also designed by SLETH, the pier creates access to the Aarhusgade district’s harbor bath and acts as a magnet for all bathers. The pier also contains plant beds with typical Danish coastal plants, plinths and rocks for stays, bicycle racks and dim lighting for the evening hours.

Gothenburg Square is located in an area that contains buildings with cafes and restaurants and is focal point for urban life in the Aarhusgade district. With references to former storage of gravel in the square, seven large soft concrete hills rise from a surface of specially designed giant tiles. The size of the hills as well as irregular and soft shapes creates contrast to the Aarhusgade district’s straight lines at the same time as the large open surface is scaled down. The design of the square creates recreational possibilities on a human scale and mediates a relationship to the post-industrial silos.

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Due to the dark pigment of the concrete and aggregate of granite, the hills become heated by the sun’s rays. Their distinctive design language and materiality arouses curiosity as well as makes them inviting and comfortable. The raw surface of concrete creates a contrast to the custom-made elegant, golden bicycle racks.

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