MoederscheimMoonen Architects designs new Cultural Center in Eemnes, The Netherlands

MoederscheimMoonen Architects will design the new cultural center 'Huis van Eemnes' for the village of Eemnes, The Netherlands. The Rotterdam based architects have been selected together with construction company Vaessen BV for the design and realization of this multifunctional scheme for Eemnes.

A home for Eemnes

The House of Eemnes will become a central meeting place for the village. In this new and sustainable accommodation, the community will come together for sports, culture, education, information and welfare. The library, the sports and cultural center, and many other facilities are combined and merged into one multifunctional center. It will become a place where all people from Eemnes will be welcome and feel ‘at home’.

A building with many connections

The design is shaped by a generous glass facade that gives the building a high-profile entrance. The connected roof ensures a transition between the inside and outside and provides the building with a powerful framework. At the center of the building is the library and brasserie which spatially connect and compliment each other. Surrounding this core are several multifunctional rooms and a large sports hall.

A significant interior design element is expressed in the form of a continuous ‘bookcase’ connecting the various spaces throughout the building. It is, so to speak, a connecting object: not only spatially but also in terms of interaction. There is a room designated for the canon of Eemnes where the artworks that are made in the studio can be exhibited; of course between the books.

Design and realization

The municipality of Eemnes will work with MoederscheimMoonen Architects and Vaessen to elaborate the design for the Huis van Eemnes further. This stage is expected to be completed by June 2018. Once the municipality, the Huis van Eemnes Foundation and the Library have approved the design, construction will start shortly thereafter. It is intended for construction work to be completed by July 2019, so that the House of Eemnes can be opened for use in September.

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