Mermaid Beach Residence

The architecture of the mermaid beach residence signifies permanence, a desire to stay and age. The primary materials are concrete contrasted with natural timber. The building offers privacy to the urban interface, but once through the threshold, the space is open and transparent.

The mermaid beach Residence is a dialogue between architecture and the intrinsic human desire for permanence and to put down roots. Contrarily, the house is situated atop of something impermanent, the beach, a place of movement and erosion. This location means the house has to face cyclonic weather conditions as well as the harsh northern sun. The architecture has to deal with these fundamental considerations by providing privacy and protection whilst simultaneously creating a relaxed, open, light
filled family home on the beach.

The materiality and architectural plan for the project was a response to the clients brief for a ‘timeless, functional family home’. The materials used for the build were a departure from the clients’ previous homes’ aesthetic, so lengthy discussions took place and phototypes were made to ensure everyone was comfortable with the proposal.

While the house is a strong architectural response, it is appropriate in the diverse neighbourhood of Mermaid Beach. The concrete and timber facade is an elegant presentation to the neighbourhood – a positive contribution to the diverse complexities of the housing typologies in the street.

While giving little way to the roadside beach traffic, the house opens up to the beach. The internal courtyard allows occupants to enjoy the outdoors during unpredictable weather; the overhangs of the cantilevered first floor creating shade and cover while further articulating the two level scheme; with the operable timber screens allowing the building to be protected from the sun and wind.

The clients wanted a family home that reflected their diverse interests in the beach, yoga, reading and entertaining. All of the functions of a contemporary house are catered for, with touches of glamour which include private views from large windows on the first floor into private internal planted gardens.

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Our in house multidisciplinary team worked to create all elements of the interiors and landscaping with a hands on approach from the onset of the project. During the construction stage there was a constant discussion with the builder about ideas, technical, issues and creative solutions. Nothing about this project was standard.

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