QingShe Inn

The site lies among mountains, with nice pine trees scenery in the distance. The site has two platforms with a height difference of about 1.8 meters, on which several large trees and young trees grow.

The original buildings on the site are enclosed on three sides: a two-floor building on the west side and two one-floor buildings on the north and south sides.

In our design, the original height difference is subdivided into three platforms, and the steep slope at the entrance is also partially transformed into the fourth platform: front garden, inner garden, middle garden and back garden. Four platforms slow the pace of the people. The platforms are connected with a few steps, which is also comfortable to sit on.

The form of the courtyard wall retains the original tree, while trying to break the enclosure of the original building order, and dividing the original two-storey independent architectural pattern into six courtyards of different sizes. The internal traffic within courtyards is solved by independent vertical traffic, and the passage to back hills is set in the back garden – thus the free form of the courtyard walls comes into being.

The courtyard is connected by bamboo sheds, which only partially cover the yards to avoid too much blocking of the inner courtyard. The courtyard wall is formed by bamboo formwork concrete casting, the platform part is built with stone wall, the independent inner courtyard is paved with red brick, the public platform is paved with black brick. The material selection hopes to fit the surrounding natural mountains and the atmosphere of each courtyard.

In the end the four platforms are connected by water: the pink steel channel flows from the back garden to the inner garden, and the lotus pond in the front garden. All four platforms are filled with the sound of water, either static or moving, blocking the noises from the road.

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Scattered platforms, walls and bamboo sheds make the whole site not directly perceived — only by exploring the yards can one get a glimpse of it. Different activities: the lively, the quiet, the public and the private coexist in these overlapping gaps.

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