Elbow Shadow

This proposal is the winning design of an open call for a pedestrian and cycle bridge in Novi Sad. Serbia

Ponte Vecio, Rialto Bridge and this year’s Jishoy Art Museum China, or the Bridge House in the Russian forest are divided by centuries and technologies available and used. The one thing they all have in common is the central, longitudinal axis of the construction.

Eccentricity of the multifunctional concept  in  Novi Sad surely is the “morphological” consequence of the slow but steady currents of the DTD canal. The main axis of the bridge is pushed downstream by 30m with the aim to change the status of the static, centric observer to the one of eccentric, forward leaning observer. It’s western shadow reaches the edges of still murky Danube waters. At the same time another poetic dialog takes place – between industrial aesthetics of the port and landscapes of Danube’s shores crowned with Petrovaradin Fortress.

‘Elbow Shadow’ subtly communicates the meaning and the actual result of the concept. The phrase ‘Elbow Shadow’ in based on couple  old traditions typical for Vojvodina region.

The most important is ELBOW HOUSE – traditional symbol of wealth in Vojvodina – house on the corner of two streets with two gates.

The construction system applied resembles the old Varadin Bridge that wasn’t reconstructed after it’s been destroyed in bombing raids in 1999.

-Competition program envisage modest area of the 4000m2 for the office – hotel capacities on the land and the pedestrian – cyclist and Infrastructure Bridge with the lenght of 200m and 6m wide. Merging those commercial and infrastructural programs into single structure with the underlined exclusivity provided for the extra 50% usable area. So it is now 6000m2 instead of 4000m2.

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The steel lattice with height of 10m enables for another level with 3500m2. The total width of 12m provides for the choice in using that level comfortably for offices and hotel equally.

The total of the 200m of this infrastructure route becomes catering / shopping street overlooking the Danube waterway for miles downstream. This privilege is enjoyed also on the upper level 5m above in both program options of the office or hotel.

The vortex of unclimatized pedestrian and cyclin ramps pass troughclimatized exclusive hall on one side and climatized fitness on the other are the main motif of the concept.

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