El Picnic, instalación de Raw Edges en Estocolmo

El renombrado estudio de diseño Raw Edges con sede en Londres, fundado por los diseñadores israelíes Yael Mer y Shay Alkalay, ha creado el stand Kvadrat para la Feria del Mueble de Estocolmo 2013. 'El Picnic' se compone de una construcción de madera maciza y una instalación de 1500 correas hecha con una selección de veinte diferentes muestras textiles de Kvadrat.

Renowned design due Raw Edges has designed the Kvadrat stand for the Stockholm Furniture 2013. ‘The Picnic’ features a massive wooden construction of Dinesen Douglas Fir and a textile installation consisting of 1,500 straps made out of a selection of twenty different Kvadrat textiles.

The designers envisioned recreating a picnic in an enchanted forest atmosphere. Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay about the concept: “wooden cabin, soft roof tiles, fish skin and picnic under a weeping willow, all mixed in a massive pot with Kvadrat swatches. Served within a commercial fair with our aspiration to create a bit of relaxing surreal situation but very warm welcoming.”

The stand is build out of two main elements: the wooden structure and the textile straps hanging from the ceiling. The wooden structure functions as display for the Kvadrat swatches and corresponds with the appearance of a wooden cabin. Made from Douglas Fir from the Danish floor company Dinesen, the horizontal wooden panels have been angled in such a way so it can hold the textile samples allowing the visitors a closer look.

The impressive textile installation resembles vertical roof tiles and create a three dimensional volume. Functioning as a space divider it was inspired byweeping willow trees, creating an intimate space within the big exhibition hall.

About Raw Edges
Raw-Edges is a London-based design studio founded by Israeli designers Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay. The duo, who attended the Royal College of Art together, collaborate on ideas and have complementary interests: whereas Yael Mer’s primary focus is on turning two-dimensional sheet materials into functional forms, Shay Alkalay is fascinated by how things move, function and react. Their output, which is the product of relentless experimentation, includes lamps, shelving, seating, flooring and museums installations.

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