Casa Xonar, in Portugal

Designed by architects from Studio Arte, Casa Xonar is a house that unfolds as we move from space to space. The light box lounge is stunning in its combination of the vintage and the modern.

There was a time when Silves was the capital of great Andalusia, conquered by the Moors and ruled for centuries, traces of Islamic architecture can still be found in the city once named Xelb, Gharb Al-Anadalus. The name given Casa Xonar has the meaning to rest, sleep and dream, it offers a perfect retreat in the centre of the old city of Silves. With echoes of this past, Xonar reflects its historical surroundings in the sharpest way, from its Islamic exterior of white washed design to its rooftop terraces and hidden rooms, the concept of private lifestyle runs throughout.

Portuguese design pieces and selected art works take us on a journey to a modern day Casablanca. The lounge bedroom delivers simple comfort with its luxurious bed and pixel art. Opening on to the mini courtyard its water cascade mixes with neighborhood sounds to refresh and relax on a warm evening.

Sun and Stars
Then upstairs to the boudoir-bedroom and another space to explore, this one takes us back to a romantic era, here our story continues through the looking glass and the film library with a selection of indie films to enjoy and educate. From here we can explore two terraces; one private, shaded and enclosed with the familiar Arabic designs that cast such fantastic shadows, the other is the outdoor lounge. With the interior design by Janneke Haane of Lusco Fusco Concepts, the selected furniture at Xonar is fabulous; we find comfort and dynamic design present in every division. Our design labyrinth continues on this floor as we discover the master bathroom with rain showers and 1940’s inspired artwork.

Up toward the sun and the stars, the second floor terrace is well equipped with luxurieus sun loungers and an outdoor kitchen, with stunning views overlooking the town and surrounding countryside it’s a must to enjoy a sunset from here. Even higher you can climb up to the star lounge `O patio das estrelas`. It is located at the far top of the house and is used on hot summer nights for outdoor sleeping and star gazing. Most important, it has a superb 360º view overlooking Silves and beyond….

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Continuing in this fairytale theme, Casa Xonar comes with a personal host for its guests; a hospitality service with an insight into the local community, restaurants, events and activities in the area. Discover things to enjoy in Silves just a few minutes walk from your accommodation or further afield such as the best beaches and surf spots on the West Coast. A private catering service is also offered; our chef will pamper you with fresh flavors and Iberian specialties.

Some tech comforts for guests at Xonar includes; HD TVs, Ipad, Sonos Playbar and full Internet access. Unleash all the music on earth. Even your host is equipped with the magic WhatsApp for all your personal wishes and requirements, so you can stay tuned in at your secret hideaway.

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