Hypotenuse House

Casa Hypotenuse is a residential dwelling in the middle of the busy Gurgaon Metropolis. Just like any other building , this 20 year old structure initiated a design investigation and led to an intense structural stability exercise to provide an aesthetic make over.

The south facing facade provides a big opportunity to play with the harsh sun throughout the day and adds to the different scale , angle and space frame of this massing to create an architectural spectacle on the Gurugram Cityscape.

The Hypotenuse is the shortest path between two faces of an entity which happen to be the two open elevations at the site. Thus , the slanted hypotenuse forms the elongated framework around the two open faced facade story of this house made of solid concrete and steel and emphasizes on the use of proper utilization of dilapidated structural massing through the use of the new louvered facade layering hung to the old available mass. The idea of equating both the open south and east elevations results in a 1:1 elevation design sharing principle and tries to communicate a design harmony to the viewers passing through.

The Transformation of this old house into an airy and lit habitable residential unit becomes a meticulously surgical act of inserting technically expressive, delicate and lightweight implants play of steel and concrete. The camouflage of the old and new re-creates a path of adaptive reuse , retaining the structural entities and only architecturally strengthening parts that were worn out or to accommodate the new. The idea is to make both the parts- the old and new play their honest roles to create an architectural craft out of the mundane gurugram skyline. The challenge with adaptive reuse is to keep history alive while evolving a today that is contemporary , comfortable and poetic.

The vertical fin louvred elements act as a solar shading device particularly with the sun angle facing the facade throughout the day and creates a beautiful soulful play of light patterns through the shadow during the day on the house walls. The embroidered surface creates a peripheral void that,in addition to bringing in light, also creates a space for ventilation and a balcony to sit and relax.

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A design journey of overlaying a different design soul over an existing solid framework can result in some exciting design harmonies. The Journey detaches itself from its true culture and coordinates and fits into a new cultured zone of architecture through the play of volumes, materiality , scales and spaces.

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