UPV Munich

Instead of a single building type, Unterföhring Park Village offers a varied set of buildings whose different facades create individuality and diversity.

With Unterföhring Park Village MVRDV and Lauber Architekten (Munich) created a new office park which represents a counterpart of the neighboring large scale commercial complex. 23.300 m2 of rental spaces is distributed in a heterogeneous building ensemble which due to its service facilities like the restaurant and conference center offers an attractive working environment.

The first phase of nine buildings was completed in 2003. The buildings are designed in the most compact way which helps reducing the demand for energy.

The buildings are no solitaires but offer great user flexibility. Each floor can be rented as a whole or divided into separate units. All services, such as access, toilets and kitchen are located in a central core which helps minimizing circulation areas and allows for the rental space to be as flexible as possible: open plan offices, office cells or combi-offices are possible. The office facilities are distributed around the central core along the windows, which allows for all spaces to be naturally lit.

Such flexibility further means the ability to change the letting strategy and adjust to current market conditions and demands. As a result, the buildings have a longer life cycle. If a client desires or requires more space than available within one building, lightweight glass bridges can be built connecting more buildings with each other.

The buildings’ individual flexibility is enhanced by placing all communal and public facilities together. MACE restaurant and conference center is the central building of the complex. Further it houses an auditorium which can be flexibly divided to accommodate groups from 20 up to 200 people. Next to this there is a gallery and a roof terrace.

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Each building has a green roof which serves as a temperature buffer, absorbs rainwater, provides insulation, and creates a habitat for wildlife. The office park has a relatively high user density. The design makes use of the available space in the most efficient way: the free space between the buildings functions as the infrastructure at the same time. Two levels of underground car parking are situated underneath the plaza, which leaves the entire site car free.  The plaza creates a lively urban center within the office park. It’s a place for informal meetings, symposia, receptions and presentations.

All technical facilities are placed on the roof so that the interior becomes solely usable rental space.

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