Puente calefaccionado en Norrköping, Suecia

El puente de 72 metros de largo está construido en acero y como el cuerpo de un reloj de arena se estrecha hacia el centro, tanto en planta como en sección. La parte brillante refleja el agua de Ström Motala, un río que desde la Edad Media ha desempeñado un papel central en la vida de la ciudad.

The Tullhus Bridge is a 1st prize in an invited architectural competition 2008. This new bridge in Norrköping, which takes pedestrians and cyclists from Strömsholmen to the north quay, has been part of the urban planning since the early 50’s. Now the city is planning a new residential area for which the new bridge is important. 2008 the municipality invited Erik Andersson Architects to an architectural competition and the construction of the long awaited bridge could start in 2012.

The 72 meters long bridge is constructed of steel and has an hourglass-shaped body tapering towards the center both in plan and section. The middle portion depth is 0.86 m. The shiny underside reflects the water in Motala Ström, which has played a central role in the life of the city since the Middle Ages. All lighting is LED and is integrated into the bridge railing and the concrete base. A built-in hot air system makes it possible to heat the bridge and keep it clear from snow in the winter.

The bridge body consists of welded plates which have been sandblasted and painted. The bridge spans the Motala Ström with its two beaches with different characteristics. Strömkajen and Strömsholmen. The beam height is chosen to 1.6 m at the supports and 0.86 m at the middle of the bridge. The walkway is draped by a layer of acrylate. The bridge is hot air heated in the winter for ice and snow melting.

Spanning Motala Ström, located in central Norrköping, the bridge connects two banks of distinctive character. On one side sits an old industrial dock, while a natural shoreline marks the other. The width of the walkway as well as the height of the beam increases towards the middle of the bridge. The first air-heated bridge in Sweden, required a complicated construction process. It was prefabricated in three pieces and, after welding and sandblasting, transported to the site by a raft and cranes. The structure employs a welded hollow beam and 12mm thick plates covering the underside of the bridge. Acrylate paves the walkway. The handrail features a built-in lighting system, illuminating the walkway and guiding pedestrians.

The bridge has vibration damper to counteract vertical oscillations. The bridge was transported in one piece 3 km through the Norrköping streets before reaching the building site. The bridge is painted in silver metallic. The bridge is hourglass shaped and clamped at each end with 4800 kN.

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