Peyman Bamdad, in Berlin

Weiss–heiten created the corporate and interior design for the recently opened practice in Berlin-Dahlem, Peyman Bamdad.

Our perception of human beauty may be a subjective, but the core of our aesthetic sensibility comes from laws that are found everywhere in nature. Essential to our sense of beauty is symmetry, which manifests itself in thousands of ways in nature – be it in the structure of a crystal or the human body. In this spirit, a strong emphasis on symmetry and formal clarity is created in the design of the practice. Peyman Bamdad’s cultural origin also plays an important role. In all visual areas, subtle references can be found from Persian literature, architecture, nature and art.

Upon entering the practice, visitors are welcomed by the linear light perspective of the ceiling lights. A glass cube separates the secretary from the waiting room, not interfering with the spaciousness of the room. Organic classic modern and contemporary Scandinavian furniture complement the 3.4m high ceilings with floor to ceiling windows that allow a view into the green cityscape of Berlin-Dahlem.

The lighting references the contemporary flair of Berlin galleries and gives the rooms a framework that guides the visitor through the practice. These lines of light are reflected in the green glass surface of tables and gloss-lacquered furniture. The corridor extends linearly towards the treatment room and operating theatre. The main meeting room opens visually through the large glass windows to the outside nature. A dialogue between formal clarity and organic nature arises.

The large concrete ceiling opposes the matt and glossy surfaces of the walls of cream white tones and cypress green. The floor made of smoked oak creates contrast to the painted furniture from dark green, cream and leather surfaces.

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Clean lines, organic furniture shapes and generous proportions create a contrasting tension in the material and form. A space was created that combines the clarity of pure aesthetics in architecture with human nature.

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