Sahibinden.com Office

The Sahibinden.com project is an office in the Bostancı district on the Asian side of Istanbul, with a total area of 5000 m² spread over two floors.

The office has been designed in accordance with the spirit and corporate stance of this technology company to enhance employee productivity and overall comfort. Creating a working space not simply for working, but also for social activities was the priority. To achieve this, spaces with functions other than work, were set aside for employees, and the necessary office capacity was provided on the basis of analysis of the company’s long-term growth potential.

The board room, meeting rooms and most of the working areas were located on the second floor, the plan of which was guided by the elliptical form of the building. The working area was designed with an open-plan office approach where as the meeting and board rooms were scattered along the outline of the space, with a visual connection to the exterior. In order to divide the space in the most functional manner and functionally disconnect the meeting and board rooms from the open office areas, amorphic forms in the shape of blind walls were placed along second floor. A channel between facade and the core of the building was turned in to 250m running track, which empahised the idea of integrating the recreational functions within the working space. Another important planning desicion on this floor was made when placing a meeting area right at the centre of the space, which was reinforced by games room and a TV corner, in the intention that employees can spend their free time as well as use these spaces for meetings.

Floor B1 holds more social gather areas and less working areas within its 1500m2 floor area. The ceiling height on this floor was 5m, which made it possible to add mezzanine floors connected by bridges hosting a 225 m2 high ceiling, multi-purpose central area with a basketball court,fitness area and a cafe with in the centre. The remainder of this floor was used as a brainstorming area, for the employees reflecting their young and dynamic ideas in a conductive space that felt like it was an athmopshere away from the usual office rhytm.

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