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Picazo Architects unveils our new luxury residential high rise and mixed use design for the city of Dubai. Aqua Marina towers has been conceived as a two modern and innovative towers linked by three long bridges containing swimming pools and outdoor terrace spaces elevated up in the air and overlooking the city and sea views.

The oscillating slabs have been carefully designed to respond to the sun path and prevailing winds, while providing shading to the private pools and outdoor areas located under each level. All residential apartments enjoy 360 degree views of the city and its surroundings, while also providing private swimming pools and outdoor spaces all around the floor plates. All apartments offer an open plan design throughout, with full height glass walls on the facades to maximize the magnificent views of the site. Undulating ceilings and walls relate to the overall tower design and the constant movement of the sea, providing a great diversity of lighting and fluidity to the internal spaces. The floor slabs bend into «deep hollow extensions», allowing for swimming pools on every level while providing solar shading to the levels below.


The three overhanging bridges, as well as being part of the overall structural strategy for the towers and reinforcing their stability against wind forces, they become public entertainment areas for residents. Long swimming pools, outdoor sun bathing areas, club house, restaurants and gaming areas will also be located on these public platforms.


The ground level is dedicated to mixed use such as shopping malls, restaurants, cinemas, club house, outdoor green spaces, car parking, boat club and marina for private yachts.


Aqua Marina towers offer the most up to date technology on water recycling and re circulating systems. Other technologies such as green roofs, solar panels, innovative modern rainwater harvesting systems, waste recycling and low energy consumption technologies will also help this development to reduce its overall carbon footprint on the site.


This luxury residential high rise and mixed use design will not only offer its residents a modern and unique living experience but will also become a new city destination where people will be able to visit, live, relax and enjoy all the different public and private amenities provided on site. A new world class, modern and innovative design for luxury high rise residential.


Aqua Marina towers are expected to start construction by the end of 2020, adding a new landmark project on the constantly developing city of Dubai.

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