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Tipología:Urban Infrastructure


Grand Avenue Park Bridge

The bridge creates a new viewing platform and civic space with an inventive, accessible pathway. The project is the first pedestrian and utility bridge designed by the firm in partnership with kpff consulting engineers, and it is a composition of concrete and steel, design and functionality, nature and digital design technology.

Chengdu Future City

In a two-stage urban design competition for the new high-tech Chengdu Future City development, the mas- terplan and the design for the railway station project submitted by von Gerkan, Marg and Partners Archi- tects (gmp) have been successful.

H House

Baum designs a house for a couple with their two kids in Sanmagaya-cho, a valley surrounded by the forest in Fukui Prefecture, Japan.The challenge was to ensure privacy and to deal with the low sunshine hours and the heavy snow that is unique to this area.

Railway Quarter

For over 100 years, Aarhus has discussed the possibility of building over the railway tracks at Aarhus Railway Station. The idea is to re-connect surrounding districts to the city centre, after they were brutally torn apart in 1935 as the railway line was expanded.

Guangzhou Shipyard

SPARK has completed the master planning of Guangzhou Shipyard, a waterfront urban regeneration of the historic Guangzhou International Shipyard. The master plan has a total construction area of 1.2 million square metres including residential, culture, offices, retail, recreation, education and healthcare facilities.


The design team consisting of Orange Architects, ECHO urban design, Moederscheim Moonen, More Architecture and Studio Nauta - commissioned by Rotterdam developers Leyten and Stebru - has won the tender for the Zomerhofkwartier (ZOHO) in Rotterdam! ZOHO is a remarkable piece of ‘almost inner city’ that is Rotterdam through and through, yet it also has an identity all of its own, shaped by contemporary entrepreneurship, social initiatives and vibrant communities. Based on an explicit concept that strengthens the existing qualities of ZOHO, the winning design connects green structures and generates a sustainable and collective neighbourhood.

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