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Opus Arisugawa

OEO Studio worked closely with ReBITA, a Japanese property developer, on the renovation of a luxury condominium apartment of 200 m2 located at the Opus Arisugawa Terrace & Residence in central Tokyo, Japan.

A Room with a View

In Milan, close to the Arco della Pace, AOUMM developed the renovation project of two housing units, merging them in a 120 sqm duplex. The living space on the ninth floor, characterized by touches of powder blue, is a wide 60 sqm open space with double exposures, in spatial continuity with the terrace. The staircase leading to the sleeping area on the lower level is a a functional and décor device, playing with contrasts between masses and lightness.

La Radieuse

Located in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal, near Sir Wilfred-Laurier Park, the project consists in the expansion and of the complete renovation of the semi-detached single-family house.

Pig House

PIG HOUSE, the office of PIG DESIGN, is located in an old residential area in Binjiang, Hangzhou. It adjoins the bank of Qiantang River, and faces the West Lake across the river. In order to break away from traditional office buildings' indifference to the local environment and lack of cultural significance, Li Wenqiang decided to transform a detached old house into PIG DESIGN's studio.

Sculptures of Spaces

A family house: The transformation of a family house consists of inserting an artist residency program that will allow them the opportunity to live and work outside of their usual environment, providing them with time to reflect, research, and produce work.

House for a sea dog

A system of simple, open interconnected spaces is organized on several levels in the dense historical context of the old city of Genoa, Italy. The main part of the house, with its expertly restored wooden structure, is the prelude to the terraced spaces that open to the view over the roofs of the city. A new design challenge for Dodi Moss that highlights its ability to interpret the recovery of a historical artifact.

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