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Turn, Turn, Turn

This house is designed by the purpose of long life and comfortable life. In spite of three-storied house, inhabitants are possible to walk on the gentle slope almost like a flat house.

JA House, in Guarda, Portugal

Located on the north-center of Portugal, the house was meant to combine the rural and the urban lifestyle. The lot is surrounded by different types of constructions, consequence of the informal settlements, characteristics of most Portuguese cities neighbourhoods.

a21house, in Vietnam

Within a limited budget, an unusual small non-square shape plot, just took ten minutes to the city central, seems to be the best choice to make the dream come true. The forty square meters polygon plot faced to a public ground, with only one and a half meter width in front, located at the end of a lane, surrounded by other neighbour houses’ tall-walls, are big challenges to design an airy office-house for four employees including a couple with a child.

106 Prince Edwards Road, in East Sussex

Peter and Louise Wingate-Saul appointed BBM Sustainable Design to design their new low energy family home, an area we specialise in and we took real pleasure in working with clients who have a keen interest in architecture, cutting edge design and the ambition to implement new technologies.

Home11, in Amsterdam

A formerly garage space in Amsterdam’s area de Pijp, turned into a spacious house naturally lit by large roof lights. The interior with a generous 230m2 on one floor level is finished in a simple material palette. The repetition of rectangular rough oak wooden surfaces is in great contrast with the stark white walls, black surfaces and grey cast flooring. 

Arena House, in Singapur

The Arena House is a synthesis of two architecture typologies that toggles between extreme difference in programmatic scales. The proposed design is the insertion of an adapted segment of the arena typology between the party walls of the residential site in Singapore.

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