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Grant House

A hidden cellar, a central garden and a secret room in the roof, Grant House is Austin Maynard Architect’s most recent inner city renovation. Playful, imaginative and future-proofed, it draws on fifteen years experience and experimentation solving the problems posed by dark, narrow and poorly-circulated old terrace houses.

Mouraria House

This house in the historic neighborhood of Mouraria, Lisbon, suffered many transformations over the years that compartmentalised the space. The relation with the street was underexplored and the connections between social and private areas were ambiguous.

Hypotenuse House

Casa Hypotenuse is a residential dwelling in the middle of the busy Gurgaon Metropolis. Just like any other building , this 20 year old structure initiated a design investigation and led to an intense structural stability exercise to provide an aesthetic make over.


Redevelopment of an area in the historical centre of San Quirino. Several sort of interventions, from recovery to demolition and reconstruction, investigated the role of materials in the renovation of the historic urban core of small Italian towns.

Cyclopean House

In his first stop on the way home, Ulysses reaches the cave of the Cyclops, a fierce and strong builder who looked through one single point. And there he is locked up until he uses his ingenuity to escape and goes where the winds take him.

Nishinoyama House

The project is a ten-unit rental housing complex in a quiet residential area in Kyoto. The complex is built on a gentle slope with a distant view of Kyoto city and Mount Hiei. According to the city's regulation, projects in this area must follow the local scenery, including the slope of the roof and the color and the materials used.

Park House

Our unique process has transformed Richmond Avenue to create a site-specific result that is recognisably original, intelligently resolved, aesthetic, enduring and valuable. The creation of a two storey high glass rear addition playfully connects family life together.

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