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Oberwil House

The duplex family home is located in a suburban community of Basel, nestled in a green neighborhood on a hillside. The building volume is worked like a sculpture, with distinctive protrusions and recesses that lend it a unique scale and identity.

Villa Kensho

In this project we combined the principles of our unfolding architecture, the aesthetics of Japanese gardens minimalism, and a few elements of American style. Large roof overhangs give the feeling of protection, while a hidden garden became a place of strength. Thoughtful space ergonomics and site fit, enclosed landscaped garden, heavy-duty facade materials, panoramic glazing, hidden storm drainage and smart home system, a harmony between interior and exterior. This is the architecture from Studia 54, that combines the elements of a high standard of living on any continent.

REDUKT Country Tiny House

REDUKT Tiny Houses is one of the first manufacturers of tiny houses on wheels in Europe. Since 2017, when the first prototype was created, it has been following the changes in the small mobile home market and the evolving trends in which their customers operate.

Alden Mason House

The Alden Mason House, crafted for the renowned Seattle artist Alden Mason in 1958 by architect Charles A. Marsh Jr. and builder Tom Paulsen, stands as a true Northwest Mid-Century Modern retreat, nestled in the woods like a treehouse.

Lone Pine

The Lone Pine compound is set at the base of the Teton Range in a resort development at the edge of an open valley. Sited to take advantage of open spaces and view sheds, the house is oriented to screen neighboring structures while capitalizing on near views of the adjacent ski resort and surrounding mountain ranges.

Casa Deck

House in São Paulo gets landscaping that simulates an Atlantic Forest reserve in the middle of the city  With landscaping by Rodrigo Oliveira, the 1,250 m² house is decorated with tropical species, restoring the local landscape and highlighting the architecture's characteristics 


This four bedroom, 4,000-square-foot residence was generated from two existing walls with inverse trajectories. The vertex is the starting point to a perpetual line that runs through and generates the building’s form.


A series of undulating tectonic structures set against an aspen grove near Wilson, Wyoming, this mountain home serves as a creative retreat for a California based couple.

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