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ESCAPE Homes, the leader in the tiny home movement that is sweeping the nation, takes efficient tiny living to the next level with the debut of ESCAPE Vista - a 160-square foot gem with panoramic windows that draw the outdoors in.


This house is in the Ishikawa Prefecture of Japan. It made the house for the young family of four. Requests from the client was that "colorful and nice house."

Villa K

Villa K, located in Thüringen, is the first German project for Paul de Ruiter Architects. The realization of a sustainable villa, discrete and integrated in the natural environment, was the wish of the client. The result is a straightforward, but innovative residence built from only glass, steel and concrete.

Balancing Home

The best response to designing a home on a bland and anodyne site is to bring a suitcase of memories; familiar, traditional building forms that one feels comfortable with to provide a modern architecture that is reinforced by collective memory and is not unsettling.

Mororó house

The Mororó House is in a mountainous region, 180 km from the city of São Paulo, known for its low temperatures. The architecture sought to create generous internal spaces for the cold days, such as, for example, a cozy living room and an enclosed bathhouse with a pool, where the views can be appreciated while being protected by a skin of glass.

House in Wexford

This new family home occupies a one acre site on farmland close to the sea in the south-east of Ireland. The house is oriented to the view of the last remaining Norman tower of Ballyhealy Castle to the south-west and to the ruins of St. John’s Church to the north. The building is conceived as a single compact form; it takes pleasure in its compactness.

Fonte Boa House

The Fonte Boa House is a single family house designed in a rural estate in Fartosa, Fonte Boa, in the centre of Portugal. The small estate, with a vineyard and olive grove, is located in the Rabaçal valley, confined by the Jerumelo, Sicó and Espinhal mountains.

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