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Villas in Sardinia

Conceived in the 1970s by Ferdinando Fagnola and Gianni Francione, the complex of villas nestled in the earth in a village close to the Costa Smeralda in Sardinia, Italy has recently been the subject of a brilliant renovation project designed by Fagnola himself together with PAT. studio. The vitality, spatial qualities, environmental sensitivity and community spirit that inspired the project forty years ago are renewed, thus reviving a little-known episode of the best Italian architecture.

Parnass Chalet

In this case of redesigning the interior of a chalet, we were asked to intervene in an existing awarded building and revisit the idea of mountainside design, in order to counterbalance the dynamic design of the existing exterior with a new adequate interior that combines modern materials within a more rustic context.

Muskoka Boathouse

Inspired by the simple and prevalent image of wood docks found along the edges of the Muskoka lakes, the boathouse was conceived as a series of planar elements that slide past one another.  The slippage of planes echoing the movement of water as it shifts course.

Mouraria House

This house in the historic neighborhood of Mouraria, Lisbon, suffered many transformations over the years that compartmentalised the space. The relation with the street was underexplored and the connections between social and private areas were ambiguous.

Villa BJ

This stunning underground house is located in the middle of an old, small village with a church and two cafes. The house has an interesting history as it is owned by charismatic German couple who came to Portugal as “third world developers” to help the region.

Forja House

Forja House is a small vacation dwelling, set in a Portuguese village inside the outskirts of the Douro River. The house is defined by a simple gesture, embedded in the slope and facing the privileged valley landscape.

Hermitage Sykaminea

Arcadia is a region in the central Peloponnese. The ancient Hellenes already romanticized it as the setting of a golden age, where people lived the pastoral life of happy herders, unburdened by drudgework and social pressure.

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