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Tipología:Mixed-use buildings


COBE reveals images of the completed Red Cross Volunteer House

The Red Cross Volunteer House gives 34,000 volunteers a setting for the continuous development of their work in Denmark. The building is designed by COBE in cooperation with the volunteers as a celebration of volunteer work and commitment and as a meeting place for the volunteers, the city and anyone wishing to contribute to the work the Red Cross does for marginalized citizens.

Denizen Bushwick

Situated on the former site of Brooklyn’s historic Rheingold Brewery, Denizen Bushwick will generate 1,000,000 square feet of apartment units in Bushwick, 20% of which will be affordable.

TEA Community Center

Two premises make this project differ from others: Firstly, the sales office building will be for the community’s sustainable use in the future. Secondly, except the reception entrance, most of the use area of the two-story building is located in the landscape. It is the primary task for WATERFROM DESIGN to give play to the characteristics of the sequestering and independent field, while the environment architecture of the three elements of sunlight, air and water is maintained.

LIFE Hamburg

Caves, waterholes and campfires. These are the diverse spaces for intergenerational learning in a new purpose-built campus in Hamburg, Germany.

VIVO Headquarters in Dongguan

The VIVO industrial park is massive area is composed of several buildings connects with bridges. The main body of the project is an oval-shaped, seven-story large-scale building that is located close to the main entrance with turbulent water outside and green grass.

Cyrus Tang Foundation Center

As the headquarters of Cyrus Tang Foundation (CTF) in mainland China, the project is a complex which integrates multiple functional spaces, including the foundation's offices, a museum for displaying various gifts that the foundation has received, and spaces for holding exchange activities with its college members, including exhibitions, conferences, and training, etc.

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