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Japan studio based, BAUM Co. Ltd., has completed ニジノイロ a beauty salon in the heart of Fukui. The 45[B1] ,67 squared meter space, with three meter of ceiling, converts a small café into a hair salon and esthetic salon on the ground level of a mixed use commercial/ residential building.

The TerraMater

Enclosed within a rustic red terracotta brick, studio Renesa’s new project is not your ordinary showroom. Launching their first showroom in Amritsar, India, the client’s provided us a simple objective – to create a space that instantly felt comfortable and familiar that would draw people to the place.

Times Group · MT TITLIS Club

The project is a small club located in Foshan, China. By approaching the interior design based on the site and architectural conditions, Matrix Design created an exquisite, tranquil and comfortable home-like space with creative designs, providing urban elites with a fantastic destination to relax and meet friends.

Stray Bird

STRAY BIRD is a cutting-edge boutique hotel, located in one of the most magnificent places on earth: an isolated oasis encircled by both the Yellow River and Tengger Desert in CHINA’s Ningxia Autonomous Region.

The Garden Bakery

Representing the changing face and aspirations of the youth, The Garden Bakery is designed to innovate and infuse a breath of fresh air into the stodgy humdrum of one of the oldest market vicinities in Lucknow.

Ksheer Sagar

Being a well-established and highly trusted brand, originally housed within the busy lanes of the ancient city of Varanasi, Ksheer Sagar wanted to mark its presence as a heady mix of cultural and culinary heritage for its first outlet in a metropolitan city like Delhi. This changing identity called for strategic planning and design to create a modern, innovative and futuristic yet sustainable fashion.

New Saint Petersburg Showroom

The 300 m2 space in the imperial Russian city showcases the elegance and sophistication of the brand’s bespoke collections Having already consolidated its presence in China, MisuraEmme has now turned its sights to Russia by teaming up with partner Ardefo to open its first mono-brand store in the heart of Saint Petersburg.

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