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Glass Mural

The Netherlands-based architecture and design firm MVRDV has released details about Glass Mural, a one-of-a-kind, four-storey office and retail building located in Detroit’s beloved Eastern Market neighbourhood.

Medina Winery

Incorporating the masonry walls of an existing barn and goat shed, the design concept for the Medina Winery reflects a farmer’s approach to winery operations: a facility that embodies pragmatism, simplicity, and flexibility.

JINS Kumagaya Koizuka Store

It is a roadside store of eyewear brand JINS located in the suburbs of Kumagaya in Saitama Prefecture, dotted with various stores including restaurants and stores selling various goods. A new store building and a parking lot for 16 bays are planned over an area of about 900 m2.

Yinchuan Sunac City Sales Center

Yinchuan is a northwest city in China. It nestles beside Helan Mountains and adjoins Yellow River. Helan Mountains erect on the west side of the city, and protect it from sandstorm and Siberian cold air via rolling, lofty mountain ranges. On the east side, Yellow River keeps flowing and has been nourishing the city for more than a thousand years. Static hills and the dynamic Yellow River endow Yinchuan with spectacular scenery and vigor.

Etam Paris

MVRDV has completed a new flagship store in Paris for French lingerie brand Etam, renovating a 19th-century Haussmann building by removing internal barriers and adding a glass floor to allow light to fill the interior. In the design, respect for the historic building and commitment to preservation is combined with an unexpected and unique shopping experience: like the lingerie on display, the store is revealing and intimate at the same time.

T-HOUSE New Balance

The goal of this project was to dismantle an old "kura" (Japanese traditional warehouse) in Kawagoe, transport the components to the site and reassemble them to create a new space. Instead of simply reassembling the structure on the site, the client's plan was to build a new structure on the site and reassemble the structural framework of kura inside it.

SkyMall Shaoxing

SkyMall is a three-storey 20,000 sqm community mall in Shaoxing. The developer has positioned the SkyMall to become the hub of their new sports lifestyle community. The aim is to explore whether a community mall could attract footfall beyond the community and increase commercial and social value through the design practice.

Heytea Lab Guangzhou

Since 2018, HEYTEA’s young and cool DNA has been going deep into consumers’ minds through working with different designers to give each of its stores a distinctive image. Currently, the brand is continually exploring new themes and design styles for its new stores, with a view to opening up new possibilities to revitalize traditional Chinese tea culture.

The Loom

"The loom" is the winning proposal of the design competition for Mesteshukar Butiq. MBQ is a Bucharest based, non-profit social enterprise that promotes traditional Roma and Romanian craftsmanship. Various collections, from home décor to clothes and jewelry, are created through the joint efforts of artisans and designers and have a story to tell. 

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