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Tipología:Ephemeral Architecture


Soria Moria Sauna

From the architect. A shingle-clad structure stands on the shore of the Bandak lake. Steep mountainsides delve into deep waters, creating a dramatic vista. A whisk of fog lies gently on the surface.

“Living Garden” for China House Vision

MAD Architects, led by Ma Yansong, presents its model for the “home of the future” on the occasion of the 2018 China House Vision Exhibition. “Living Garden”, conceived in partnership with Hanergy, breaks down the boundaries between interior and exterior, giving inhabitants the feeling that they are living in nature. 

L’air pour l’air, Chicago

In conjunction with Making New History, the second edition of the Chicago Architecture Biennial, we collaborated with artist Ana Prvački to debut a special project during the Biennial’s opening week. Titled L’air pour l’air, the project aims to ensure the continued legacy of musicians as our cities’ atmospheres grow more polluted.

Pavilion Martell

The site-specific commission of the Fondation d’entreprise Martell, the Pavillon Martell de SelgasCano, is a new, multifaceted architectural project created by Spanish architects SelgasCano and intended to completely fill the vast paved courtyard situated behind the Foundation during the first phase of work.

Human Nature

Kapoor expressed a keen interest in this art space directly connected to fashion, people’ s daily activities and the streets of Omotesando and Harajuku, and hoped that the spirit of his art would not only stay in the exhibition space but circulate around the entire building.


HYPARBOLE is no exception: it is the elegant outcome of focused research, countless models, and sometimes multiple prototypes. Our winning 2013 competition entry for this contemporary public art project at the Rhode Island College Fine Arts Center updates 20th-century structural experimentation within the contemporary paradigm of computational production.

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