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London-based architecture and innovation firm ecoLogicStudio, led by Claudia Pasquero and Marco Poletto, has designed AirBubble for Otrivin Breathe Clean. The innovation brings to life the world’s first biotechnological playground to integrate air-purifying micro-algae.


The Taft is a 3,930-square-foot, two-story, open plan house designed and built using HOMB, a prefabricated modular system developed by Skylab in collaboration with MethodHomes. The system provides an alternative to the typical time-consuming process of conventional site construction while also minimizing waste through precision prefabrication.

The Plus

Together with Vestre, the Norwegian manufacturer of urban furniture, BIG unveils The Plus as the world’s most sustainable furniture factory tucked in the heart of the Norwegian forest. Envisioned as a village for a community dedicated to the cleanest, carbon neutral fabrication of urban and social furniture, The Plus aims to be a global destination for sustainable architecture and high-efficiency production.


The YrdPods are designed by award winning architects Kreis Grennan Architecture and crafted as a beautiful, minimal architectural statement, providing a flexible space, sitting comfortably in urban or rural sites. YrdPods are a type of tiny homes, a permanent and alternative structure to conventional house additions.

Panda House

The home for giant pandas Mao Sun and Xing Er in Copenhagen Zoo resembles the panda’s natural habitat and creates a peaceful living environment for one of the world’s rarest mammals. 


An increasing trend in alpine context is the accessibility of mountain peaks. The demand for challenging projects within the alpine environment has significantly increased, along with the need for ultramodern cableway technology.


‘T IJ is the biggest and most striking of a series of objects designed to celebrate the opening of the Haringvliet sluices in November 2018. The sluices were opened in order to improve water quality and biodiversity, while also stimulating fish migration from the North Sea to the river delta system of Maas and Rhine in the Netherlands.

Desert City

Desert City is a multi-functional complex dedicated to the celebration of xerophyte plants and the production of a broad culture of interests focused on these species. It promotes a landscape/cultural program that defends dry or waterless landscaping as necessary in a semi-desert climate like that of southern Europe.

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