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Right in the centre of Zürich’s lively inner city, Max Dudler has created a new residential quarter, the Grünhof-Areal. A network of varied inner courtyards develops out of the lively arrangement of the buildings, imparting the feel of an urban oasis.

Strijp-S, Eindhoven

S-West is located in the heart of the former Philips site known as Strijp-S, just to the north of the centre of Eindhoven. Thanks to initiatives by Sint Trudo housing association, and on the basis of a master plan by West 8, the area has in recent years been transformed into a new urban district, which is increasingly becoming a vibrant and trendy part of Eindhoven, the ‘city of light’.

Suzhou Section Homestay

October 2021 in West Lindu Village on the shore of Taihu Lake. It is invested by Jingcheng Culture Tourism Development (Suzhou) Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of TONGCHENGTRAVEL, and managed by Taolu Brand homestay. The White Section Homestay is the first prototype building that is a rural revitalization project developed by TONGCHENGTRAVEL and the Hengjing government in Lindu Warm Village.

Gleis 21

Gleis 21 was planned in a participatory manner with the future residents, from urban development to the socket outlet. The property is located in the Sonnwendviertel, in the center of the new urban development area "Leben am Helmut Zilk Park" near Vienna Central Station (“Hauptbahnhof Wien”).

Residential Tower Riva

In 2019, MoederscheimMoonen won the architect selection commissioned by Stebru for the residential tower, Riva, in the Scheepmakershaven in Rotterdam. The residential building will be built on top of the existing office block, retaining the iconic reconstruction architecture of this building. The final design of the building was completed recently. This activated the further elaboration and ultimately, the construction of the new residential complex.


Arbor's prominent position at the northwestern edge of downtown San Jose signals the next stage of Silicon Valley's evolution, welcoming visitors and residents to a city that is reembracing the rich ecological mosaic of the Santa Clara Valley, now become vertical.

Pré Gauchet

El juego de contrastes parece definir el proyecto de Pré Gauchet: contrastes de formas angulares y ortogonales, volúmenes pesados y livianos, materialidades reflectantes y transparentes, alturas que varían según su entorno, y a la vez, contrastes de luz y sombras.

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