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Burwood Road Apartments

Hidden behind a listed 19th century shophouse of inner city Melbourne, the contemporary extension skillfully navigates a very tight site to wrap two boutique apartment buildings over a retail space around a central courtyard.

Casa CV

Casa CV is set upon an irregular piece of land, located within a private residential neighbourhood on the slopes of an imposive mountain eaten up by the quarries, near the west side of the city of Monterrey.

The Grace, The Hague

The population of The Hague will grow considerably in the next twenty years from 525,000 residents to over 625,000. To meet this challenge, the municipality is encouraging inner-city densification within the Central Innovation District (CID), a triangular area bound by the city’s three train stations.

Superlofts Houthavens Plot 4

Superlofts is a complete architectural story wherein the residents are being involved from start to end. This creates a community that is deeply involved in planning and designing the communal areas, façade, gardens etc. Therefor it is important that the concept is explained as a whole. Superlofts cannot exist without its community.


Designed by Fouad Samara Architects (with Fouad Samara a shareholder in the development), Modulofts aims to challenge all that by creating a new typology that reflects Beirut’s rich urban living and responds to its fast changing and evolving requirements.

24 Social Housing

There is no construction on the lots adjacent to the building, rather than on the opposite front of the avenue where the main hotels and souvenir shops are located that do not serve as a reference with which to integrate.

Edificio JA1205

La síntesis proyectual para el edificio de viviendas JA1205 surge de la conformación de dos volúmenes edilicios de cuatro niveles cada uno, implantados al frente y contrafrente del terreno: un lote de triple frente entre medianeras, en el barrio de Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Located on the edge of Gärdet, a treasured national park, Kullen makes conscious decisions to provide a sensitive, respectful form while allowing the same choices to simultaneously manifest as exceptional residences with spectacular views.

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